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Orion Fiction HB October £18.99 352pp 978 1 4091 1505 2 ebook: £9.99 978 1 4091 1507 6

The modern-day Hitchcock does it again with his most suspense-filled thriller since No Time for Goodbye

Orion Fiction • October 2013

LINWOOD BARCLAY A Tap on the Window A helpful stranger gets more than he bargained for in the thrilling new novel from the UK’s favourite suspense writer. When Cal Weaver stops at a red light on a rainy night while driving home, he ignores the bedraggled-looking teenage girl trying to hitch a lift. Even when she starts tapping on his window. But when she says, ‘Hey, aren’t you Scott’s dad?’ and he realises she’s one of his son’s classmates, he can’t really ignore her. OK, so giving a ride to a teenage girl might not be the smartest move, but how much harm could it do? Over the next 24 hours Cal is about to find out. • Major author tour in support of this publication. • Major media campaign. • Media interviews on publication. Linwood Barclay is married with two children and lives near Toronto. He is the author of the Richard and Judy 2008 Summer Read winner and No. 1 bestseller, No Time for Goodbye.

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Location: Toronto, Canada @linwood_barclay f/linwoodbarclay