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Orion Fiction TPB November £12.99 320pp 978 1 4091 4619 3 ebook: £6.99 978 1 4091 4621 6

ESSIE FOX The Goddess and the Thief A gloriously gothic new novel from one of the most talented historical writers around. Uprooted from her home in India, Alice Willoughby is raised by her spiritualist medium aunt in Windsor. There, both Alice and her aunt come under the influence of the mysterious Mr Tilsbury, who involves them in a secret plot to steal one of India's sacred jewels: the priceless Koh-i-nor diamond. Said to be both a blessing and a curse, the diamond is a stone around which many myths have formed. And now in mid-Victorian England it begins to exert its power again. • Major publicity campaign. Essie Fox was shortlisted for Best New Writer at the National Book Awards 2012. Her debut, The Somnambulist was selected for the TV Book Club. She is also the creator of the popular internet blog, The Virtual Victorian.

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Location: Windsor & London Available for Interview @essiefox

Orion Fiction MMP Original November £7.99 224pp 978 1 7802 2430 5 ebook: £4.99 978 1 7802 2431 2

Orion Fiction MMP Original November £7.99 224pp 978 1 7802 2406 0 ebook: £4.99 978 1 7802 2405

GEOFFREY HOUSEHOLD A Rough Shoot Fellow Passenger Two classic 1950s thrillers from the author who ‘helped to develop the suspense story into an art form’ (New York Times). A Rough Shoot and Fellow Passenger are very different spy thrillers. A Rough Shoot sees a respected family man inadvertently murder a trespasser, and then unveil a fascist plot in Dorset. Fellow Passenger is a breathless pursuit around the globe, involving Russian Communists and the British police. Despite their differences, both novels are bursting with Household’s signature wit, suspense and heroic Englishmen. Household is considered the master of the spy-thriller genre, and by repackaging this classic backlist, Orion will bring his writing to a new generation of readers. Geoffrey Household began writing in the 1920s and wrote 28 novels. His novel Rogue Male is considered a masterpiece of the spy-thriller genre.

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Orion Fiction • November 2013