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Orion Fiction HB November £16.99 352pp 978 1 4091 1459 8 ebook: £8.99 978 1 4091 1461 1

GEORGE PELECANOS The Double Celebrated book and screenwriter George Pelecanos’s second novel featuring edgy Washington PI Spero Lucas takes the series to its darkest place yet. A lot of people would say Spero Lucas has an enviable existence. Young enough not to be worrying about kids or a mortgage, handsome enough to have female company when he wants it, tough enough – as a veteran of the Iraq war – to hold his own in Washington’s criminal fraternity; and in a line of work that provides hard cash and a shot of adrenaline whenever he needs it. But when a young woman tasks Spero with recovering a painting she lost to a psychopathic conman, Spero is drawn into a confrontation which will not only take him to the limit physically, but also make him ask the hard questions about who he is and who he’s become. • George is available for down-the-line interviews from the USA. George Pelecanos is the recipient of numerous international writing awards, a producer and an EMMYnominated writer on the HBO hit series The Wire.

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Location: USA Available for Interview @pelecanos1 f/georgepelecanos

Orion Fiction ebook December £6.99 978 1 4091 1620 2

KENNETH CAMERON The Oxford Fellow Writer-sleuth Denton’s latest case takes him to Oxford, where the mystery of a missing archaeologist reveals a macabre tale of jealousy, lust and revenge in academia. When the case of a missing senior fellow takes Denton to Oxford, he slowly uncovers a crime so bizarre that it seems to have emerged from the pages of a penny shocker rather than an academic treatise. Delving into the tightly-knit and intensely jealous world of archaeology, he discovers an enmity that reaches back to Schliemann’s excavation of Troy, a tragic tale of suicide and unfulfilled lust, and a curious archaeological exhibit that is not at all what it seems. Kenneth Cameron is a former US Navy Intelligence Officer and the author of Winter at Death’s Hotel, as well as six previous Denton mysteries.

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Location: New York State, USA Available for Interview

Orion Fiction • November/December 2013