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Indigo Fiction MMP October £6.99 400pp 978 1 78062 159 3 ebook: £6.99 978 1 78062 160 9

PAULA WESTON Haze Fallen angels, gang warfare and hot romance, this is the sequel to Paula Weston’s debut novel, Shadows. Gaby Winters’ life used to be pretty normal. She lived with her best friend. She worked in a library. She was slowly getting over the death of her twin brother, Jude. Until Rafa arrived. Now Gaby has discovered she is one of the Rephaim – descended from fallen angels. She knows demons exist. That they are coming for her. And that Jude might be alive. What she does next could change everything. Writer and journalist Paula Weston loves YA comedy, comics and Foofighters. Her first novel, Shadows, was published in the UK in January 2013.

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Location: Brisbane, Australia Available for Interview @PaulaWeston

Indigo • October/November/December 2013

Indigo Fiction HB November £9.99 352pp 978 1 78062 149 4 ebook: £9.99 978 1 78062 150 0

SALLY GARDNER Tinder A young soldier, a captive princess, witches, wolves and Death walk hand in hand in Costa Award-winner Sally Gardner’s exquisitely written new novel. Otto Hundebiss is tired of war, but when he defies Death he walks a dangerous path. A half-beast halfman gives him shoes and dice which will lead him deep into a web of dark magic and mystery. He meets the beautiful Safire – pure of heart and spirit, the scheming Mistress Jabber and the terrifying Lady of the Nail. He learns the powers of the tinderbox and the wolves whose master he becomes. But will all the riches in the world bring him the thing he most desires? Sally Gardner is an award-winning novelist. Her books have been translated into 22 languages and have sold over one million copies in the UK.

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Location: North London Available for Interview @The SallyGardner

Indigo Fiction ETPB/MMP December £9.99/£6.99 320pp 978 1 78062 078 7/ 978 1 78062 079 4 ebook: £6.99 978 1 78062 080 0

MIA JAMES Sleeping Angel The only YA series of its kind; this London-based mystery from a UK author comes to its highly anticipated conclusion. Vampires, romance, murder and mystery abound in this gripping YA trilogy; April Dunne is on the case! She has to find her father’s murderer – and save the life of her vampire boyfriend – before the sinister Vampire King can make his final move from the shadows. Mia James is a new YA novelist. When not researching graveyards, catacombs and vampires she spends her time writing at an old Victorian desk that she suspects might be haunted.

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Location: London Available for Interview f/ByMidnight