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NATHAN HAWKE Gallow series Fantasy needs a new hero – meet Gallow. ‘I have been Truesword to my friends, Griefbringer to my enemies. To most of you I am just another Northlander bastard here to take your women and drink your mead, but to those who know me, my name is Gallow. I fought for my king for seven long years. I have served lords and held my shield beside common men. I have fled in defeat and I have tasted victory and I will tell you which is sweeter. Despise me then, for I have slain more of your kin than I can count, though I remember every single face. And now I must fight again.’ A new fantasy trilogy being released over three months, Gallow is perfect for fans of David Gemmell and exciting, fast-paced fantasy. Nathan Hawke is the pseudonym of fantasy author Stephen Deas.

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Location: Chelmsford, Essex Available for Interview f/stephen.deas @stephendeas

The Crimson Shield

July 320pp 978 0 575 11508 8 eBook: £7.99 978 0 575 11509 5

Cold Redemption

August 320pp 978 0 575 11510 1 eBook: £7.99 978 0 575 11511 8

The Last Bastion

September 320pp 978 0 575 11512 5 eBook: £7.99 978 0 575 11513 2

All titles: Gollancz Science Fiction MMP £7.99

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • July–September 2013