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DEN PATRICK War-Fighting Manuals The essential illustrated guides to fantasy’s most well-known races. Orcs, Elves and Dwarves are the mainstays of many fantasy novels, fantasy role-playing games and table-top fantasy wargames such as Warhammer. But never before has the reader or gamer been able to get such an insight into the nature of these warriors, their strengths and weaknesses, their battle tactics, their histories as Den Patrick now provides. Building into a detailed saga of a whole world of races at war, the individual Orc, Elf and Dwarf War Manuals are the perfect companion volumes for any fantasy gamer and reader – books to bring our heroes and villains to new and vibrant life. Den Patrick has worked at Titan as a comics and role-playing writer and has also worked as a bookseller. He lives in south-east London.

August 144pp 978 0 575 13275 7 eBook: £8.99 978 0 575 13276 4

September 144pp 978 0 575 13277 1 eBook: £8.99 978 0 575 13278 8

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Location: London, SE5 Available for Interview f/den.patrick.75 @Den_Patrick

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • August/September/October 2013

All titles: Gollancz Fantasy HB £8.99

October 144pp 978 0 575 13279 5 eBook: £8.99 978 0 575 13280 1