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Gollancz Fantasy HB July £9.99 192pp 14 illustrations 978 0 575 09301 0 eBook: £9.99 978 0 575 09304 1

Charm Charm is Cinderella, as you’ve never seen her before . . . Charm is a smart, sexy retelling of the classic fairy tale. Illustrated and beautifully published, it’s a must-read story with a mischievous, fun glint in its eye. This addictive tale forms a trilogy with Poison and Beauty. TV shows such as Grimm and Once Upon a Time as well as box office smashes like Snow White and the Huntsman prove that fairy tales have never been hotter. Sarah Pinborough is a successful crime-thriller and YA novelist, as well as a scriptwriter. She has written for the hit BBC TV show New Tricks and has two film scripts in development. She lives in West London.

Gollancz Fantasy HB October £9.99 192pp 14 illustrations 978 0 575 09305 8 eBook: £9.99 978 0 575 09308 9

Beauty It’s Sleeping Beauty, as you’ve never seen her before . . . Beauty is a beautifully illustrated re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, with the classic fairy tale elements, a modern spin on the characters, and a twinkle in its eye. It's fun, contemporary, sexy, and forms an addictive trilogy with Poison and Charm.

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Location: London, W4 Available for Interview f/sarah.pinborough @SarahPinborough

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • July/October 2013