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W&N Fiction HB July £20.00 672pp 978 0 297 86432 5 ebook: £20.00 978 0 297 86434 9

ARTURO PÉREZ-REVERTE The Siege An epic new standalone novel from the bestselling author of The Dumas Club and The Flanders Panel. 1811; the city of Cadíz is under siege and amid its population a killer lies in wait. But this is no ordinary killer. He has a taste for flaying young women to death near the sites of fallen French bombs. Can policeman Rogelio Tizon find the murderer and avoid public scandal in a city already poised on the brink? With all the intrigue and romance of his bestsellers, The Dumas Club and The Flanders Panel, The Siege is the story of a city and a people which will never be the same again. • The Siege was a No. 1 bestseller in Spain and will appeal to fans of Wolf Hall. ‘Arturo Pérez-Reverte is the great European storyteller of the 21st century in the tradition of Dumas’ Simon Sebag Montefiore Arturo Pérez-Reverte, a war correspondent for over twenty years, now writes fiction full time. His work has been translated into twenty-eight languages and published in fifty countries. He lives near Madrid.

author snapshot

Location: Madrid, Spain Available for Interview

W&N Fiction HB August £18.99 400pp 978 0 297 86666 4 ebook: £18.99 978 0 297 86668 8

ADRIAN GOLDSWORTHY All in Scarlet Uniform The fourth novel in a brilliant Napoleonic series from acclaimed historian Adrian Goldsworthy. 1809; as the British army gathers strength for the next phase of the campaign against Bonaparte on the Spanish peninsula, Captain Billy Pringle of the 106th Foot has a somewhat more urgent reason to leave Britain, having become embroiled in an illadvised duel. Along with his friend Lieutenant Williams, Pringle takes on the task of training Spanish troops to stand beside their British allies. But what seems at first like easy duty soon turns into a desperate fight for survival as they find themselves besieged in the fortress of Cuidad Rodrigo. Adrian Goldsworthy has a doctorate from Oxford University. His books have sold more than a quarter of a million copies and been translated into over a dozen languages. His non-fiction works include The Roman Army at War, Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. His Napoleonic novels include True Soldier Gentlemen, Beat the Drums Slowly and Send Me Safely Back Again. He has worked as a presenter, consultant and expert for several TV programmes including HBO’s Rome series, BBC’s drama Hannibal, BBC’s Time Commanders, Channel 4’s Time Team Big Roman Dig Live, and National Geographic documentaries.

author snapshot

Location: Penarth, Wales Available for Interview

W&N Fiction • July/August 2013

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