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Gollancz Science Fiction HB/TPB July £20.00/£14.99 400pp 978 0 575 10078 7/ 978 0 575 10079 4 eBook: £14.99 978 0 575 10082 4

Gollancz Fantasy HB/TPB August £20.00/£14.99 496pp 978 0 575 13437 9/ 978 0 575 13438 6 eBook: £14.99 978 0 575 13440 9

Gollancz Fantasy TPB August £12.99 352pp 978 0 575 10053 4 eBook: £12.99 978 0 575 10055 8

PAUL McAULEY Evening’s Empires A murder mystery and revenge tale set in the depths of space. Paul McAuley’s latest novel is set in the same far-flung future as his last few novels, but this time he takes on a much more personal story. This is a tale of revenge, of murder and morality, of growing up and discovering the world around you. Paul McAuley is a biologist by training and has published many novels and short story collections. He is also the recipient of several major awards including the Arthur C .Clarke Award and the Philip K. Dick Award.

ELSPETH COOPER The Raven’s Shadow The compelling epic fantasy series continues. Elspeth Cooper’s Songs of the Earth was Gollancz's secondbiggest selling fantasy debut. The Raven’s Shadow is ideal for fans of Patrick Rothfuss, Joe Abercrombie and Robin Hobb – as well as any reader who enjoys an exceptional, characterdriven story. ‘This isn’t a book that you can easily put down once you begin’ SF Book Reviews Elspeth Cooper is the author of the Wild Hunt series (Songs of the Earth and Trinity Rising).

STEPHEN DEAS Dragon Queen The war that destroyed mankind had a beginning shadowed by dragons. This is the second standalone novel set in the world of Stephen Deas’ Memory of Flames trilogy. A pseudo-medieval world where life and politics are dominated by massive fire-breathing dragons, a world of betrayals and the constant threat of a fiery death. Stephen Deas is the author of the Memory of Flames trilogy which began with the acclaimed The Adamantine Palace. Stephen has also penned a YA fantasy series set in the same world.

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