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Gollancz Science Fiction HB/TPB (export only) August £18.99/£14.99 488pp 978 0 575 09045 3/978 0 575 09046 0 eBook: £18.99 978 0 575 09048 4

‘Reynolds does epic with aplomb. That Blue Remembered Earth is also convincingly optimistic, life-affirming SF is a measure of Reynolds’ versatility and development as a novelist’ SFX

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • August 2013

ALASTAIR REYNOLDS On the Steel Breeze An epic vision of our journey into deep space. Hundreds of years from now mankind will finally inherit the stars. A fleet of holoships is heading towards the nearest habitable planet at 15% the speed of light. In massive asteroids turned into ships, tens of millions of people are heading towards a new home. A home that bears signs of an ancient alien civilisation. No-one knows what they will find when they get there in 90 years. But the main problem is that the ships will have to break the laws of physics to be able to stop. And the research into ways to stop risk the ships themselves. Has mankind squandered the utopia of years past? Alastair Reynolds made headlines in 2009 when he signed a £1m contract with Gollancz, making him one of the world’s highest paid science fiction writers. Before turning to writing full time, he worked as an astrophysicist at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands. He is the author of many bestselling novels, including Revelation Space, and a winner of the BSFA Award.

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Location: Mid-Glamorgan Available for Interview @AquilaRift