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Gollancz Science Fiction TPB December £12.99 464pp 978 0 575 08539 8 eBook: £12.99 978 0 575 09482 6

Gollancz Science Fiction TPB January 2014 £14.99 400pp 978 0 575 09322 5 eBook: £14.99 978 0 575 09324 9

Gollancz Fantasy HB/TPB January 2014 £20.00/£14.99 512pp 978 0 575 09205 1/978 0 575 09206 8 eBook: £14.99 978 0 575 09208 2

JOHN MEANEY Resonance Ragnarok – Volume Three

Return to the universe of Ragnarok in the conclusion to this epic space opera Resonance and the Ragnarok series is Meaney doing what he does best – high concept space opera. ‘John Meaney… A brilliant, inventive writer’ The Times John Meaney has been called ‘The first important new SF writer of the 21st century’. He has published dozens of pieces of short fiction in magazines such as Interzone and has written more than ten novels. He is a keen martial artist and holds a black-belt in Shotokan karate.

TONY GONZALES The Tabit Genesis A stunning SF saga for all fans of the Lost Fleet novels. Earth is finished, laid waste by alien attack. Two massive generation ships set out into the void, to carry the fight back to the enemy . . . EVE Online has over 400,000 subscribers worldwide. Tony Gonzales is the author of two EVE Online novels.

STEPHEN HUNT In Dark Service A master of glorious invention returns to the fantasy stage – with some superb characters. Jacob’s son has been enslaved. His home destroyed. Now he has one goal: to reclaim his family, however much blood is spilt. This world-spanning fantasy is unputdownable, vast and extraordinary. Brilliantly written, this is an adventure like no other. ‘Wonderfully assured … Hunt knows what his audience like and gives it to them with a sardonic wit and carefully developed tension’ Time Out Stephen Hunt is a superb novelist with a loyal following, a social media pioneer and an award-winning author.

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Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • December 2013/January 2014

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