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‘Finally, Bolivar gets the sweeping biography he deserves . . . This book reads like a wonderful novel but is researched like a masterwork of history’ – Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

MARIE ARANA Bolivar The Epic Life of the Man who Liberated South America

The dramatic life of the revolutionary hero who liberated South America – a sweeping narrative worthy of a Hollywood epic. A larger-than-life figure from a tumultous age, Simon Bolivar (1733–1830) ignited a revolution, liberated six countries from Spanish rule and is revered as the great hero of South American history. Bolivia was named after him, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela still basks in his glory. In his own time, he was admired around the world. Yet today, he is little remembered beyond South America. Drawing on a wealth of primary documents, Marie Arana brilliantly captures early 19thcentury South America and the explosive tensions that helped revolutionise the young Bolivar. From battlefield victories to his ill-fated brief marriage and legendary love affairs, Bolivar emerges in this compelling biography as a man of many facets: fearless general, brilliant strategist, consummate diplomat, passionate abolitionist and gifted writer. • Author will be visiting the UK on publication and is available for interview Peruvian by birth, Marie Arana is former literary editor of the Washington Post. She is the author of four books, including American Chica, which was shortlisted for the National Book Award, and a novel, Cellophane, shortlisted for the John Sargent Prize.


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W&N Non-Fiction/Biography • June 2013