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LAWRENCE JAMES Churchill and Empire A genuinely new biography of Sir Winston Churchill (1874–1965), focusing on his contradictory and lifelong relationship with the British Empire. As a young army officer, Churchill’s first experience of the Empire was serving in conflicts in India, South Africa and the Sudan. His attitude towards the Empire at the time was the stereotypical Victorian paternalistic approach: a combination of feeling responsible and feeling superior. Overlooking the view that the Empire was a hangover from a bygone era of colonisation, Churchill consistently relied on its support during crises. He was angered by demands for self-governance from Empire countries but, far from being an anachronistic soldier, he grasped the problems of the Cold War immediately. What makes Churchill so compelling a figure are the contradictions, and this book demonstrates why he remains one of the most popular Britons of all time. Lawrence James is one of our finest narrative historians, and author of The Rise And Fall of the British Empire, Raj and The Aristocrats.

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RUSSELL MILLER Uncle Bill: The Authorised Biography of Field Marshal Sir William Slim

Masterly biography of the ‘greatest commander of the twentieth century’ (Lieutenant General Sir John Kizzely). Field Marshal Slim (1891–1970) is now widely regarded as one of the best Second World War generals. After being awarded the Military Cross for his efforts in the First World War, he was unable to remain an officer in the class-ridden British Army without private means, forcing a transfer to the Indian Army. The Second World War brought him rapid promotion and took him to Burma, where he drove out the enemy and shattered the myth of Japanese invincibility. Slim returned to Britain laden with awards and honours, a national hero whose leadership techniques are still taught at Sandhurst. But the honour he valued most was the nickname given to him by his troops: ‘Uncle Bill’. Russell Miller is the acclaimed author of several investigative works of history, including Behind The Lines and The House of Getty.

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