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CHRIS LIGHTBOWN The Strange Death of JFK The Men Who Murdered the President

W&N History HB July £20.00 512pp 978 0 297 86446 2 ebook: £20.00 978 0 297 86704 3


How did six people from across the world – including a man in Scotland – know about the assassination of President Kennedy three months before the event? author snapshot

An astounding inquiry into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There are only a handful of uncontested facts surrounding the death of President Kennedy. To this day, nobody has conclusively proved who killed him. The argument continues between those who believe the official version of events – that Kennedy was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald – and those who believe that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. Chris Lightbown is the first to use the network of high-quality independent researchers whose conferences, websites, lectures and books have largely been ignored by the mainstream media; and he approaches the extraordinary evidence with the keen eye of an investigative journalist. The result is a gripping narrative that provides the greatest clarity to the dark event that altered the twentieth century. Chris Lightbown is a freelance consultant who worked for the inquiries into the Hillsborough disaster and Princess Diana’s death. He is also an experienced investigative journalist and has worked for the Sunday Times ‘Insight’ team.

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W&N Non-Fiction/History • July 2013