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W&N History HB September £20.00 352pp 978 0 297 86688 6 ebook: £20.00 978 0 297 86689 3

JAMES EVANS Merchant Adventurers The Voyage that Transformed Tudor England

A gripping story of daring, discovery, tragedy and pioneering achievement. In 1553, three ships sailed north-east from London into unchartered seas to find a new route to China and its riches. The surviving log book of Sir Hugh Willoughby, a captain on one of the two ships which got stuck in the ice, illuminates the crew’s journey towards a tragic fate. Richard Chancellor, captain of the third ship, fared better, enduring pirate raids and travelling by sled through a snowy Russian wilderness to dine on roast swan at the court of Ivan the Terrible. Merchant Adventurers illuminates wider themes in the history of exploration, trade, science, globalisation, and the making of modern England. But, above all, it is the gripping and tragic adventure story in the great tradition of heroic failures. James Evans completed a PhD at Oriel College, Oxford, following a Masters in Historical Research. He has worked as a producer on several historical TV documentaries, including Michael Wood’s English Story (BBC2), for which he also contributed to the accompanying book.

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Location: London Available for Interview

W&N History HB November £9.99 224pp 978 0 297 87056 2 ebook: £9.99 978 0 297 87057 9

TERRY DEARY Dangerous Days: In the Roman Empire From the internationally bestselling author of Horrible Histories comes the first volume in a new series for adults. The Romans have long been held up as one of the first ‘civilised’ societies, yet in fact they were capable of immense, and rather imaginative, cruelty. The spoiled emperors were the perpetrators (and sometimes the victims) of some truly bizarre and morbidly fascinating murders. Dangerous Days includes some of the violent ways to the visit the Elysian Fields (ie death), and the back story leading up to the victims’ deaths, and in doing so gives a concise history of a misunderstood era. Terry Deary is the author of over 250 books, and has been one of Britain’s bestselling authors since 1994. The Horrible Histories series has sold over 25 million copies in 40 countries.

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Location: Sunderland Available for Interview

W&N Non-Fiction/History • September 2013