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W&N Fiction HB September £12.99 304pp 978 0 297 86952 8 ebook: £12.99 978 0 297 86955 9

Ostrich combines the wit and invention of Submarine with the exquisite poignancy of The Fault in Our Stars

MATT GREENE Ostrich A coming-of-age tale like no other from an extravagantly gifted new voice. Alex has a story to tell. He just doesn’t know what kind it is yet. He’s got a lot of the same concerns most of us have about growing up (exams, puberty and, in his case, a punctuation obsession plus a little quantum mechanics). But lately, ever since his brain surgery, everyone in his life is behaving more than a little mysteriously. Maybe it’s adjusting to life after epilepsy or maybe it’s the pressure of his pending scholarship application, but Alex is starting to see the world through different eyes. He’s certain there’s something rotten at the heart of his parents’ marriage, and when his beloved hamster, Jaws 2, starts acting up as well he decides it’s time to investigate. So begins a journey that will take him to the limits of his understanding, the edge of his endurance, the threshold of manhood, and the country music aisle in Virgin Megastore. And eventually, on the eve of his English Composition exam, to the door of his mother’s home-made dark room. But will Alex have the courage to expose the terrible secret that lies beyond? Or would it be better for everyone if he buried his head in the sand? Matt Greene was born in Watford in 1985. He has co-written four plays for the Edinburgh Festival and his debut feature film is currently in development. Ostrich is his first novel.

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Location: London Available for Interview @arealmattgreene


W&N Fiction • September 2013