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Orion Non-Fiction TPB March 2013 £12.99 320pp 978 0 7528 9013 5 ebook: £12.99 978 1 4091 1223 5

SUE PALMER 21st Century Girls How Female Minds Develop, How to Raise Bright, Balanced Girls and Why Today’s World Needs Them More Than Ever

A must-have parenting guide to raising girls in the 21st century. Children today are introduced to 21st century adult values and behaviour at an increasingly early age. In this important polemic, Sue Palmer believes that we need to get a grip on this problem. She tackles issues such as parents facing materialism, the way gender wars have intensified problems, the damage of contemporary culture and the challenges of detoxifying family life. Sue Palmer is a writer, broadcaster and specialist adviser on the education of young children, acting as independent consultant to many organisations, including the BBC and the DfES.

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Location: Edinburgh Available for Interview

Orion Fiction MMP/Library HB May 2013 £6.99/£20.00 432pp 978 1 4091 3740 5/ 978 1 4091 4126 6 ebook: £6.99 978 1 4091 4128 0

W&N Fiction HB/ETP June 2013 £18.99/£13.99 320pp 978 0 297 87006/ 978 0 297 87007 4 ebook: £18.99 978 0 297 87008 1

JEAN FULLERTON Call Nurse Millie Babies to deliver and broken hearts to mend. But can she do it all? Post-war London is putting itself back together and twenty-fiveyear-old Millie is at the forefront of the effort as she tends to the East End community around her. Millie and her friends do their best to find their way through first loves and heartbreaks, and balancing their duty of care with looking after each other. And when misfortune befalls her own family, it is the enduring spirit of the community that shows Millie that even the toughest circumstances can be overcome. Jean Fullerton was born within the sound of Bow Bells. She is a trained nurse and teaches healthcare and nursing. No Cure for Love won the 2006 bi-annual Harry Bowling Prize.

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Location: London Available for Interview

WALTER MOSLEY Little Green Easy Rawlins is back... The iconic detective who leapt to fame in Devil in a Blue Dress returns. We thought we’d seen the last of Easy Rawlins. But it takes more than an oncoming car to stop LA’s finest PI… As Easy wakes from his coma, the last thing he needs is an investigation. But a friend’s son is in trouble and old habits die hard. So Easy wades into the squats, clubs and LSD dens of Sunset Boulevard, trying to find the missing boy, Evander. What he discovers will take him on a journey into the dark underbelly of 1960s culture, where Evander’s disappearance is only one piece of a far larger puzzle... Walter Mosley is the author of 37 critically acclaimed books including Devil in a Blue Dress. His books have been translated into 23 languages and have sold more than 3.5 million copies.

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Location: Available for Interview

Stop Press • Spring 2013