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''U your monthly exploration of new music

12 Global Ear: USA

When NZ gultarlst Dean Roberts went looklngfor Amer~ca,he d~dn'tflnd the dream, but he d ~ dsee a sound artlst d~smantllngllluslons In LA, before landlng dream dates wrth Sonr Youth In Ch~cagoand New York

14 Bites

Godspeed You Black Emperor! Split lnflnlt~esIlount Vernon Arts h b Psychlngup suburbla Thornas BrinkmannNeedles and threads Djivan Gasparyan Armen~anrhapsody

18 Invisible Jukebox: Ken Kesey

The Merry Prankster and author of OneFlew Over TheCuckm'sNest blows h18mlnd ttylng to ~dentrtjsounds by Jack Kerouac,Tom Walts, Terry R~ley,The Fugs, T~mothyLeary and more Tested by Edw~nPouncey

22 100 Records That Set The World On Fire

Our antidote to everyone's 'Best Of The Century' lists. We polled our writers to vote for the 100 records that should have ignited the world's imagination -but somehow got forgotten along the way

42 Grooverider

With the long-awaited album Mysteries OfFunk,one of Jungle's original dons is expected to galvanise a lethargic drum 'n' bass scene. He can walk the walk, but can he talk the talk? By Rob Young

44 The Sound Of Utopia

When David Toop was asked to soundtrack an aquatic extravaganza at Lisbon's Expo 98, he high-dived into the deep end of site specific sound art. In this blow-by-blow account, he recalls the peaks and pitfalls

48 Coil

What if you open the doors of perceptionand don't like what you see? Co~lhave never recoiled from darkside experiences-their electronic alchemy transforms horror into illumination. By Davrd Keenan reviews

55 Soundcheck September's selected albums and 12% including new releases from African Head Charge, Blonde Redhead, Peter BroQmann,John Cage, John Cale, E-Dancer, Charlie Feathers, Grooverider, Larry Heard, Ryoji Ikeda, Steve Lacy, Mood, Mouse On Mars, Nurse With Wound, Will Oldham, George Russell and more 26 Print Run New music books: A life of Harry Partch; A Kraftwerk cut 'n' pastejob; Contemporary composers explain themselves; Rock 'n' roll's missing in action 80 Multimedia In Paris, Rahma Khazam tests Ircam's new, user friendly policy 82 On Location Going live: Talvin Singh and Ken lshii at Anokha; Dial and Ascension swap decibel counts; Countertenor Michael Chance gets high on Derek Jarman

5 Editorial 6 Letters 8 Soundings This month's festivals and special events 10 Fast Tracks Kurtis Mantronik, Damo Suzuki 54 Charts 15 Label Lore & Directory 84 Out There September's selected live shows, club spaces and radio 88 Back Issues 89 Subscribe and get a FREE Derek & The Ruins or John Cage CD 90 Epiphanies Phil England surfs The Severn Bores in search of the cassette underground

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