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r your monthly exploration of new music

The Wire Tapper Your cut out and keep track by track guide to this month's free cover mount CD

Death Songs Biba Kopf hearsthedylng of the l~ghtin the mlluc of Albert Ayler, Nick Cave, D~amandaGalas and more

Bites PkrreB a s h Meccanomachinemusic Charkr Bullen Frwn This Heat to weird beats The Mogadishublues KazukoHdrbiOnevery Frank Chicken bbdkre:J o h F d W sReveMm

Global Ear: Siberia Ken Hyder and Tim Hodghnsonencounter musfc and magic on the Tuvan steppes

Tony Conrad Without the Buffaloviolinist there would have been no Velvet Underground.Richard Hendenon meetsthe Minimalistdrone kingwho diiovered a whole new musical univwse in a single note

JanKopinski Ten years ago, the Nottinghamsaxophonist was committingjazz-punk slaughter with his group PinskiZoo. Now he is haunted by the swnd of digital mood music. By BenWatson

Phuture Q: Whafs the most influentialrecord of the last ten years? A: 'Acid Trax', the 1987single that launched Acid House. Mike Shallaossflashbacks through the history of Chicago Housels finest t i 0

The Creators On the trading floor of the international beat exchange, this Surrey-bmed duo are blue chrp brokers, trading d d vinyl stock with America's leading HipHop producers.By Peter Shapiro

Invisible Jukebox:David Thomas The Pere Uburneisterenters our mystetiws listeningboothand triesto identifytrack by The Beach Boys, lggy &The Stooges, The Electric Eels,Row Music and more.Tested by Biba Kopf

The Rimer: Captain Beefheart Mike Barnes dons his trout mask for a surrealistjourney through the recorded legacy of the Spotlight Kid

Loren Mazzacane Connors Long before anyone was listening America's most self-effacing guitarist was forging new music out of the Country bluesand the canons of Bachand Chopin. Now he makesthe cover of BIIboa~l.By AC Lee

The Secret History of F'i&nMusic The films of ttaly's DarioArgento are bloodweddings betwenthe symphonic Progrock of Goblinand Grand Guignol hcfmr. Philip Brophyscreams hiapproval

1 ' 51 S0U.ndeh~kApril3 selected album and 125, including new releases from Miles Davis, Rime Hawtin, MassiveAttack MC5, Arto Lindsay, Req,Slapp Happy, Soft Machine, Trans Am, Dr Walker & Holger Cmkay, Kenny

Wheeler and more 11Multimedta Clan Analogue's electro-utopia 18 On Location Going l i i : I Stockhausen in Paris; Charlemagne Palenine in Hollywood; Suicide, Panamic and David Vorhaus in London; Art

EnsembleOf Chicago in New Y e Pram and Add NTo X in Brum 82 Print Run New music W:Ian i Penman's vital signs; The genius of Thelonious Monk; Music au nahlrel; Mark Hudson's Afro-music odyssey


8 Editorial 10 Letters 12 Soundings April's selected live events, festivals, happenings, club I spaces and radic i Charts 88 Back Issues 88 Subscribe and get FREEJohn Fahey and

Tony Conrad CD b EpiphaniesThe Pastels ruffle David Keenan's hair

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