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- ~J. IBSIUe your monthly exploration of new music

10 GlobalEar:Laos

Clive Bell goes shopping for Laos's national instrument, the khene - a bizarre bamboo mouth-organ and gets serenaded by the Far East equ1valent of Tom Waits

12 Bites

Panacea Breakbeat barbarian Le Quan Ninh Different drummer Taylor Deupree & Savvas Ysatis Dancing to architecture Label lore: PSF

16 Mixtape Masters

Th1s might be the MTV age, but the lowly cassette, loaded with pirate DJ mixes and sold right under the music industry's nose, 1s still the deadliest d1ssem1nator of the HipHop v1rus. By Peter Shapiro

18 Toshinori Kondo

The Kon-fusion chronicles of the legendary Japanese trumpeter and sometime gangster actor, tak1ng 1n his jau rock group IMA, and h1s collaboration with turntable terrorizer DJ Krush. By Rob Young

20 Terry Callier

The m1ssing link between Bob Dylan and John Coltrane, this self-descnbed "Lazarus Man" is mak1ng a triumphant return after nearly two decades out of music By Dav1d Keenan

24 The Secret History of Film Music

Horror movies like The Shining and avant garde composers like Penderecki have more in common than a paSSIOn for shrieking. They're both grounded In cruelty, says Philip Brophy

26 Future Sound of Berlin

Bult on the foundations of the Bas1c Channel label, the house of Chain Reaction is redef1n1ng electronic mus1c Porter Ricks, Vainqueur, Monolake, Substance and Vanous Artists wax hard to Kodwo Eshun

34 Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

When Nigeria's greatest musician died last August. Afnca was robbed of one of its most controversial and revolutionary cultural f1gures. Llndsay Barrett chronicles the life of the Godfather of Afro-beat

42 Invisible Jukebox: Suicide

New Yark's legendary electro-minimahsts try to identify tracks by Elvis, Thelonious Monk, Larry Young, The New York Dolls, Kraftwerk, Lou Reed and more. Tested by Edwin Pouncey

46 Buckethead

The man 1n the plastiC mask is America's fingerlickin'-good guitar hero, a grotesque cartoon character animating the worlds of Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, John Zorn and Derek Bailey. By James Rotondi

- rev1ews51SoundcheckMarch'sselected albums and 12"s, Including releases from Dock Boggs, John Cage, Coil, Holger Czukay, Fred Frith, High Llamas, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Oval, Pere Ubu, Robin Rimbaud, Sonic Youth, Suicide, Tortoise and more 69 Multimedia Rob Young meets the architect of a virtual cathedral of sound 70 On Location Going live droneworks in Cologne, plus Electro- tnbes and sound art in London 74 Print Run New mus1c books: Ben Watson's class war; a slog through Prog rock; tweaking the aCid freaks; plus jau heroes, bluesman Muddy Waters and hobo composer Harry Partch

S Editorial 6 Soundings March's selected live events, festivals, happenings, club spaces and radio 8 Letters SO Charts 80 Back Issues 81 Subscribe and get a FREE Celluloid CD 82 Epiphanies In a Russian house, Howard Mandel rediscovers music that matters

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