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. ~~ I BSIUe yom monthly exploration of new music

I0 Global Ear: Mongolia

Michael Ormiston returns to Ulaanbataar to assess the state of traditional Mongolian overtone singing, in a city where the number one song 1s about a peeping-tom celibate monk

12 Bites

Add N To X Synthesized seduction Morgan Geist What's driving MG? Ulrich Krieger Saxophone drone Helmut Lemke Sound thinker Label lore: Winter & Winter Freefall: Cathedrals of music

18 Drexciya

'Mommy, wha t's an esoterrorist? ' Detroit's most enigmatic underground Techno duo use the Black Atlantic's migratory routes as the grid for their subaquatic assaults on logic. By Kodwo Eshun

22 Secret History of Film Music

The impact of HipHop on Hollywood sound design is as much about deep bass as a shared obsession with firepower. Back in New York, Spike Lee draws on more humanist musical traditions. By Philip Brophy

24 RalfWehowsky

Also known as RLW, this Frankfurt based min1mal noise composer constructs hermetic soundworlds from the most unforgiving of sources, with a little help from his friends. By Rahma Khazam

26 Mark Hollis

Breaking a seven year silence to discuss his first solo album, the UK's most idiosyncratic singer/composer reveals the pressures that destroyed Talk Talk at the peak of their power By Rob Young

30 Invisible Jukebox: Tortoise

Chicago's dub damaged post-rockers try to identify tracks by Tom &Jerry, Mouse On Mars, Augustus Pablo, Nucleus and more. Tested by Mike Barnes

34 1997 Rewind

Our fast track through the pros and cons of the year: all the Charts that count in our Critics' Choice; commentaries from 199 7's leading players; plus W1re writers reflect on the past 12 months of music activity

42 Mati Klarwein

From his Mediterranean home base, the painter of classic album artwork for Miles Davis, Santana and Jon Hassell reveals their meaning to Rob Young

- rev1ews47SoundcheckJanuary'sselected albums and 12"s, including new releases from AMM, Billy Bang, Tim Berne, Uri Ca1ne, Pascal Comelade, Miles Davis, Einsturzende Neubauten, Alec Empire, Faust, Morton Feldman, Gastr Del Sol, Morgan Ge1st, Loren Mazzacane Connors, John McLaughlin, Royal Trux, David Slusser, SME, Sofa Surfers, Unknown PubliC, DJ Vadim and more 64 On Location Going live: Anglo-German avant test in London; Laibach 1n Serb1a; volcanic performances in Lanzarote; Huddersfield highlights 68 Print Run New music books: Haight Ash bury revisited ; a Rough Guide to reggae; reading jazz by the pound

4 Editorial 6 Letters 8 Soundings January's selected l1ve events, festivals, happenings, club spaces and rad1o 46 Charts 72 Back Issues 73 Subscribe and bag a FREE Revenant CD 74 Epiphanies How the greatest rock riff of all time changed Peter Shapiro's life

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