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'71R E v v A D V E N T U R E S I N M O D E R N M U S I C

Issue 167 January 1998 $250 $5 50 ISSN 0952-0686 (USPS 006231) 45-46 Poland Street London WlV 3DF - UK

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Words JalreBames, Mike Barnes, ~d Baxter, Clive Bell, CMS Blackford, Philip ~ r o p h y , Linton Chiswick, Richard Cook, CMstoph Cox, Bnian Dugmid, Phil England, Eodwo Eshpn, Matt ffytche, Louise G- m d y Hamilton, Richard Henderson, Steve Holtje, sirnon HopLins, Sasha Ikrc+Jones, D a d Keenan, Raluna-am, Nick Kimberley, Biba ICopf, M b g e , mowaid Mandel, Peter ~ c ~ n t y r e , h d y Medh-t, Will Montgomexy, ~ i mOwen, IanPenman, Edwin Pouncey, Sknon Reynolds, Tom Ridge, Robin Rimbaud, J o ~ t h a nRomney, Paul Schiitze, I a h ko t t , Mike Shallcross, Peter Shapiro,chris s h q , ~ a ~ k Sinker, Paul stump, David Toop, JohnL Walters, Ben Watson, v a l Wilmer, Bany Witherden Images h y & Tanveer, JUW Andenon, ~ a n k Bauer, Dean Belcher, kis Garrelfs, Tim Kent, AdamLawrence, Magda, Savage Pencil, Michele ~uriaai,~ v aVennandel


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Printed by St Ives PLC The W~IP1sa member of the Narnara Group USA The W,re ISSN 0952-0686(USPS 006231 1s published monthlyfor $60 by The Wire Magazlne Ltd Perlodlcals postage pald a t Hackensack NJ 07601 Postmaster send address changes to he W~IP(RMI) do Yellowstone lnternatlonal 2375 Pian Blvd Elk Grwe Vlllage FL 60007-5937 USA The sewrexwexersedm rtw wre r e thmeofue herepemecrn8marand are m, necersanly ihared by the magimma 8u$mIl Re wrearwuner mrewmvblityfmunsolsolcctedmanuwr p. phmagrapnrand lllnsmm Cawlghl M e m a m lr MDV Ine puDi~iYwror by freelance comlburorr UnautMW edrepadwmnaf am nem D lwOK(dm and wemean I!






Iam slttlng here starlng at my legs, whlch are swathed mus~calcl~mateon 1 January 1997 In bandages from toes to thlgh The bandages are Readlng through the end-of-year charts and wrapped so tight that when I attempt to stand up I summaries of varlous Wlre contributors, whlch begln on feel l~keI am wearlng splints, and when I try to walk I page 34 of th~sIssue, I am remlnded of all the muslc I am forced 117todo~nga passable lmltation of Kenneth meant to lnvestlgate thls year (not to mention some I More In Reach For The Sky Flve days ago I had surgery trled hard to avo~d)but somehow never got round to to remove the varlcose velns whlch had been clogglng due to the murderouscomblnat~onof a job that takes up In my legs for the best part of the last SIX years, and up more of my tlme than you would belleve f I told you, now I am ~nconvalescence mode (Actually, 'had and a domest~cllfe that has been ruled slnce June by surgery' Isn't sufficiently graph~ca phrase to descr~bean the needs of a certaln newly arrlved female Infant operation wh~chlnvolves threading knlttlng needle-l~ke Hav~ngsald all that, of the hundreds of CDs, LPs, tapes, dev~cesdown velns whlch run the full length of the leg, 12" and 7" slngles, book, CD-ROMS, and God knows then yanklng them lns~deout as you would the sleeves what else wh~chpassed through my hands In the last in a sblrt, but I dlgress ) 350 days or so, a few Items dld llnger long enough to

Accepting the fact that varrcose veln removal is not make a lastlng Impression By the hi-f~there was Derek the most glamorous of surg~calprocedures (not l~ke Balley's and M n Tanaka's MUSIC Andbnce, The Xhavlng a bullet dug out of your chest, or emergency ecutloners' X-press~ms,M a ~ k lBatoh's Collected Works, suturing of a knlfe-lght wound), and that my Myshlon Mus~cu,Taku Suglmoto's record of pelluc~dgultar convalescence clashes wlth a cruclal per~od~nthe music, Mus~caTransonc's r~d~culouslyintense th~rdalbum, product~onschedule of thls present lssue of The Wlre, Bandulu's Foundation Sound Works EPs, relssues of Al~ce the fact that I am forced to sit wlth my feet up for much Coltrane'sA Monashc Tno, Er~cDolphy's Iron Man and of the next two weeks opens up a rare space In whlch I Grupo Folklor~coy Exper~mentalNuevayorqu~no's might look back and generally rumlnate on the past 12 Concepts InUnity On the book shelf, John F Szwed's Sun months of cultural actlvlty as pertinent to the pages of Ra b~ography$ ace Is The Place felt l~kea landmark thls magazne, that belng the k~ndof thlng ed~torsare moment for muslc crltlcam, but M~chaelBracewell's called upon to do at thls tlme of the year EnglandIs Mlne h ~ tharder, tf only because ~ t ssubject

In an deal world, thls processwould allow me to matter was closer to home, n particularthe "Luc~ferOver rediscover and savour ln full some personal mus~cal Lancashire" chapter personal roots d~sentangled hlghllghts before they are trampled underfoot forever by Bracewell's d~scuss~onof Mark E Smlth and The Fall ~n the unrelenting march of the underground muslc sector, that chapter was the best muslc journalism I read all year whlch In 1997 seemed to reach unprecedented levels of whlle The Fall's Lewtate album contained enough productlv~tyBut ~nstead~tonly serves to underl~newhat I momentsof sheer brilllance to offset press reports of already know that the number of memorable records I Smlth's disaster zone of a 'private' l ~ f eIn the concert hall, heard, concerts I witnessed, fllms I watched, book I read, John Wall's electroacoust~ctapework at the Purcell multlmedla experlences I ~mmersedmyself In throughout Room, Derek Ba~ley'ssoundclash wlth two DJs from the year barely makes c Into double flgures London's Rumpus Room at the Sph, and Ground Zero's

Lest anyone thlnk I am turnlng Into a seen-~t-all-before farewell show at the Conway Hall were all worth bravlng medlaland pesslmlstof the lowest order, and am about the cap~tal'sdlslntegratlng transport system for The to bore you rlg~dwlth a fings-a~n't-what-they-used-to- Ground Zero show contalnedthe loudest music I heard In be type rant, I should say that thls sad state of affalrs a a 97, even though I spent most of the performance In the result of my utter lnablllty to manage my slowly erodlng lobby And that, dear reader, IS also how I feel about the lelsure tlme productwely, rather than the consequence year in general Memo to self must get out more In 98 of a general depress~onthat began sweeplng the world's T O W HERRINGTON


< '

'. a .%heFebruary h e of The Wire

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ure archive, label contac ~ ~ . d f u s e .

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