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Skip McDonald Nathan West meets the On-U Sound axe murderer

Einstiirzende Neubauten Biba Kopf parleys with everyone's favourite Industrial art terrorists

Matthew Shipp Steve Holtje talks tough in New York with a free jazz maverick

Collage Rock Chuck Eddy glues together an alternative history of cut 'n' paste pop

Peter Namlook David Toop dials the fa x machine of a German electro-magnate

Massive Attack lan Penman compares shoes and record collections with the Bristol trio

Ambient Jungle Simon Reynolds reports Trom the frontline of 94's most reviled music

Stockhausen & Sons Erich Boehm pays a visit to New Music's most eligible dynasty enJiotns 1"'141


5 Sounding Off

September news, live events, TV and radio, plus Mr Bell Considers..

10 Bites

Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones, KRS One, Luscious Jackson, Sentrax

18 Letters From. . . Canada

Art Lange and John Corbett report hearing strange noises in the Northern wastes

34 Invisible Jukebox: Saint Etienne

Mark Sinker tests the knowledge of the UK's perfect pop machine

57 Subscribe

And grab a FREE CD by Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor or Sainkho Namchylak

74 Letters

Readers write in defence of Cabaret Voltaire, Minimalism, ECM and more en 46 ~~ . . . . 47 >~

Jiot 48

Print Run In this month's book section, the word from the campus on pop's hidden meaning

Reel To Reel New videos BJbrk captured live and in person, plus a rock-y vision of the East-West divide ,

Soundcheck Biggest, baddest, best 22 pages of CD and album reviews

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