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John Oswa!d photographed by Johnny Volcano

Regulars Bitstream/ Death Row 10 Notes from the underground/ Otomo Yoshihide 's last requests

Global Ear 18 Mal u Halasa wi tn esses the struggl e between custom and modernity in Al eppo, Syria

Epiphanies 114 Dave Tompkins has his balls and his booty bounced by Miami Bass

Editor's Idea 4 Letters 6 Charts 56 Out There 96 Back Issues 104 Subscribe 106 Label Directory 108 Plu s Label Lore and Savage Pencil

Reviews Index 57 Soundcheck 58 Avant Rock 74 Critical Beats 75 Dub 76 Electronica 77 Global 78 HipHop 79 Jazz & lmprov 80 Outer Limits 81 Ether Talk 82 Print Run 84 On Location 90

Jewelled Antler Collective 24 Taking in artis ts such as Thuj a, Loren Chasse, B lithe Sons and Skygree n Leopard s, thi s loose-knit California troupe reconnect with nature and childlike wonder by channelling the spirit of AMM and Swell Maps. By Jim Haynes

The Fall 28 S imon Ford travels back in time to mid-70s Manchester and witnesses the diffic ult birth of one of Britai n's most uncompromisi ng groups in basement arts cl ubs and a flat on Kingswood Road

Shirley Coli ins 34 One of th e great Eng lish voices is experiencing a res urg ence of interest in her skeletal, haunting, quasi-med ieval songs, over a career that span ned post-war 'industrial folk' to 70s folk rock. By Mike Barnes

John Oswald 42 Canada's prince of plunderphonia recalls his battles wi th the majors for his artistic right to reclaim his sou nd environment from the noise pollution of pop by recycling it through his plunderphonics system. By David Keenan

Invisible Jukebox 20 EI┬ĚPTheex-CompanyFlow rapp er and head of Def Jux sustains fantastic damage trying to identify tracks by EPMD, Alejandro Jodorowsky, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Gobli n and more. Tested by Peter Shapiro

The Primer 50 The Old, Weird America From yodelling cowboys and Arcadian accordion players , to C ivil War fife and drum bands and croaki ng gospel si ngers, Ri chard Henderson has the lowdown on th e hillbillies, hoedowns and hellcats of a strange New World

Bites Mission Of Burma 12 MickBeck 14 Vinko Globok r 16

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