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en 12 Second ·Language Pop G> Sylvestre Balazard reveals the dreams and nightmares of non-English speaking pop ;... 16 ::J .....ns 18

Joshua Redman Laura Connelly meets the rising sax star in Los Angeles

MariBoine Rob Young sings the praises of a new voice from the frozen North

KimClarke The pioneering bassist talks instincts and desires with Laura Connelly





Kristin Hersh The ex-Throwing Muse tells Jakubowski about life in the solo lane

Cover story: Frank Zappa Ben Watson pays his last respects

Future Sound Of London Ben Thompson hears the music of the 21st century in a North London studio

Bheki Mseleku Mark Sinker roams the cosmos with the stellar South frican pianist

Sounding Off News, live events, TV and radio, plus Mr Bell 's Diary

Letter From... Paris Die Haut, Nick Cwe, Lydia Lunch, Blixa Bargeld and the French agit rock underground

Great Lost Recordings: Bruce Conner's The White Rose Greil Marcus celebrates the use of Miles Davis's Sketches Of Spain in an obscure 60s art flick

44 Invisible Jukebox: James MacMillan

Kenny Mathieson pins back the ears of the young Scots composer

74 Letters

All the insults that are fit to print

70 Reel To Reel

David Eimer reviews new video releases, plus the pick of 1993

72 Print Run

Reviews of books on modern composition, Black pop culture and Heavy Metal

74 Soundcheck

Records, records, records- from A-Z, good to bad, loud to soft

Issue 120 February 1994 :1:2.50, $5.50 ISSN 0952-0686

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