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Issue 1 15 September 1993 52.25, $5.50 ISSN 0952-0686

45-46 Poland Street London W1V 3DF, UK Tel: 071 439 6422 Fax: 071 287 4767

Publisher Adele Yaron

Editor Mark Sinker Deputy Editor Tony Herrington

Advertising Manager George Lee

Designer Stephen Parker at Namara Contributing Art Director Mark Porter

Administrator Roshmi Khasnavis Administrative Assistant Maaza Yosief

Founder Anthony Wood

Printed by St. Ives PLC. The Wire is distributed in the UK by SM D~stribut~onLtd, 6 LeigharnCourt Road, London SW16 2PG.

The Wire is a member of the Namara Group, Chairman NairnAttallah. It IS published 11 times per year by The Wire Magazine Ltd, 45-46 Poland Street, London W1V 3DF. USA subscriptions $50 per annurn. 2nd Class Postage is paid at Hackensack NJ 07601

PosuMna P erne sena maressmnges to T h e I r e I!?qa mall lmanatma l o o Y e m e Intemamal87 B.r an C0.n nacrensack N, 07601 ,SA

The vlem exptessed mThe Wlre are d the r e s p a e contnbutrxsand are not necessarily shared by the m a n e U 1% staff The Wtre mulmes m res&bl~ty faumolcnedmanuunpu pmwaphs ala ,nrattons Sena al ,our ovm r sr CopyngnlI r e and aoroda s nela oy the odbNlaU by heebnte forbtdden,and we mean IT

Special thanks this Issueto Biba Kopf, Andrew Pothecary,Jon Forss and BalwantAhrra.

Cover design: Mark Porter

4 Sounding Off: Live

News, events, dates, ~deas,letters and l~vereports 10 DiscoveringJapan

David Toop reports back from his recent Far East tour 12 Canada Now

Art Lange attends festivals in Vancouver and Montreal 14 Teenage Fan Club

Ben Thompson shows his age when he talks to the Scottish rock group 18 The Pharcyde

Kodwo Eshun zooms in on the far-out rappers 22 NicolasCdlins

Phil England meets the machine-age trombonist and tinkerer 24 Ultramarine

Louise Gray takes tea with the hi-tech country boys 26 SeeingThings

Franklyn Rodgen explores the Forgotten Quarter 28 Out Of The Shadows

Wire-writers rediscover the overlooked and the underrated 32 Dark Ambience

K.Martin looks towards a new development linking Techno and the avant garde 36 New OrderIJoy Division

Wire-writers assess the mysterious Manchester pop-stars, record by record 40 Ethiopian Pop

Caroline Swinburne discusses a nation's music as its politics change 44 InvisibleJukebox: PeeWee Ulb

Mark Sinker runs the world's music by the former James Brownhorn-maestro 46 Great Lost RecordingsKriildjursanstalten

Dave Morrison pronounces these Swedes the inheritors of the Beefheart mantle 48 Print Run

Reviews of new Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan biogs, plus the story of music in Black South Africa 50 Reel To Reel

David Eimer reviews the New York film underground, and recent writing on pop video 52 Soundcheck

Mountains of music -and our reviewers conqueringthe peaks 6 9 Subscribe!

Subscribe- and get a free CD from Leo records: Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Sergey Kuryokhin or Astreja 74 The Write Place

Right to reply (and wrong not to send it off the same day)

The Wire 3

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