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Issue 112 June 1993 f 2 25, $5 50 ISSN 0952-0686

45-46 Poland Street LondonW1V 3DF, UK Tel 071 439 6422 Fax 071 287 4767

Publisher Adele Yaron

Editor Mark Sinker Deputy Editor Tony Herrington

Advertising Manager George Lee

Designer Stephen Parker at Namara Contributing Art Director Mark Porter

Administrator Roshmi Khasnavis Administrative Assistant Maaza Yosief

Founder Anthony Wood

Printingby Andover Press, S t Ives PLC. The Wire is distributedin the UK by SM Distribution Ltd, 6 Leigham Court Road, London SW16 2PG.

The Wire is a memberof the Namara Group, ChairmanNaimAttallah. It is published 11 times per year by The Wire Magazine Ltd, 45-46 Poland Street, LondonW1V 3DF. USA subscriptions $50 per annum. 2nd Class Postage is paid at Hackensack NJ 07601

P m a ~ e rP.wresend aadrers changes to The I r e ( R w ~Mall Intema0onal)do Ydlwame lntemamal87 &MCar! Hab;m6dckNJ 07601 USA TheMev6emdmTheWlrearemOreofU-e rerpecfiveomibutasand are mnecerratiBsharedby U-e magkzineumstaff The Wlre mm e s no resmvbllty for unrdcked mnuscr1p0,phobgraphs and llluma6cns Send at ywr orm nsk Capyright here and abroad sheld by me p mUby bedarce ccmwibutas UMumwaedrepmducObnofanyiWIs forMden. a d we meanIt

4 Soundii Off

News, events, dates, Ideas, letters and l~vereports 1 0 Val Wilmer: Jazz -Roots 6Bm&s

A celebrat~onof the great jazz photographer In words and plctures 12 Red House Painters

Dave Morr~soncolour-matches the Fr~scofoursome 1 4 TimBerne

Will Montgomerymeets the NYC sax explorer 16 Orbital

Louse Gray shapes up to the Techno topographers 18 ECMIJan Garbarek

Kenny Math~esonjets to Zur~chfor a 500th party 2 4 lnvisibkJukebox: Jack Bruce

The bassman makes a guess -Phllip Watson hides the labels

26 Great lost R e c o r d i i

John Corbett recalls forgotten lmprov greats

3 0 Torch Songs

P ~ e nFord dissects the d~vas

34 G a y D b

David Lub~chtells the true story of the House underground


\ .


-..,.S,r ? -

,,. . c

Spec~althank th~sissue to Elba ~opf,

Andrew Pothecary and The Watch-Men Agency

Cover Sam P~vasena

42 Riot G m l lan Penman tells the tale of sexual scandal in and out of the mainstream 48 Print Run

Books about rad~calpopullsm, Sorabj~and music and psychology

50 ReelTo Reel

Dav~dElmer revlews Japanese cyberpunk on v~deo

4 7 Competitions

Win Cap~talRad~oMUSICFest~valt~ckets,AI DiMeola CDs or a blues and soul comp~lationCD 52 Soundcheck

The recordsthat count, In large amounts 6 3 Subscribe

And bag a free UnknownPubl~cCDIbooklet 7 4 The Write Place

Our devoted readers reach for the green Ink ll -


The Wlre 3 '

> c i


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