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Tom Waits photographed by Anton Corbijn

Regulars Bitstream/ Death Row 10 Notes from the underground/ Kevin Blechdom 's last requests

Global Ear 18 Marcus Boon finds changing times in Marrakech's Place of the Dead

Epiphanies 106 Biba Kopf goes daft for OAF and Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Editor's Idea 4 Letters 6 Charts 48 Out There 90 Directory 96 Plus Label Lore and Savage Pencil

Back Issues 98 Subscribe 100 Reviews Index 49 Soundcheck 50 Avant Rock 68 Critical Beats 69 Dub 70 Electronica 71 HipHop 72 Jazz & lmprov 73 Modern Composition 74 Outer Limits 75 Print Run 76 Cross Platform 78 On Location 82

Leif Elggren & CM Von Hausswolff 24 Magnus Haglund journeys to Elgaland-Vargaland for an audience with the Swedish conceptual sound artists whose meditations on the physicality of so und have attempted to redraw the map according to the logic of the cut-up

Lou Harrison 28 Wrestling his way out of the imprisoning straitjacket of Western tuning systems, the West Coast composer hears the chimes of freedom in a junkyard gamelan constructed out of automobile brake drums. By Philip Cl ark

William Parker 34 David Keenan goes into the mystic with the 'mayor of the Lower East Side' to hear how the bassist's channelling of the ancestral pulse has been the catalyst for the most vital free jazz of the last three decades

Tom Waits 40 Barfly, beatnik, hobo, hipster, Weimar cabaret singer, Stallone eo-star, Harry Partch fan: the chronicler of the Am erican underbelly has been playing confidence games with his identity a'nd music since the 70s. By Phil Freeman

Invisible Jukebox 20 ArthurleeLove'smainmanandtheorchestratorofLabourMPs' favourite album , Forever Changes, has a bummer in the summer trying to identify tracks by Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, Frank Zappa and more. Tested by Mike Barnes

Bites BoomBip 12

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