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rprerive s w s , their m a $ h y FWc suwecy - such ie each performance in Ebis seri,es. It's a l l elaborated ex-: urriedly, and that's araccly how enjoyed as well - in its own

YgwIq rnscl~mMom ON EP ( T d i q &&.3%@18) Four new mixes from last c l u b l i c k s

,;) (Oh, shut up - Bd.)


. . d

&E MCKONE SNG (wf~ UJLohg delayed debut EP,v&&pika: Lie eneirely outside w l d e g ~ y i & $ t ~ ~ ;&,@' Zha chorus is -the S Q ~ of. p ~ # &

.fight while "Ply" mom:by*,dx heance of jazz fusion, k' &@&,aSyd massed chords. ~i~h&ci&it.hi s$& but what's wrong w i d thae?.. . .,

:k& TOF n d m album. Of all che ~ 6 % C Q ~ ~ ~ V F S who work i n the ana of sa&~b,instruments and live samples, The l&c$lm am che mast magisterial. String atfsqgunencs give a grand sweep and weight ro che mixes of "AU I Have In Me", and ' P d o m " . Like Massive Attack, the Disciples axen't gpecially intemced in the dancefloor. With the nods to Max Roach's F& Now S d e , and the early 60s Civil Righrs &Gc of the album am,cheir e y e a n fixed an orhw sill mon elusive essences, on a &cure smae of Liviqg.

..- ,

~ ~ * R I E YOU NW& *w m*wPMID;)) A new ballad &xf&cba &&a *,k&pwfble b r the classic " ~ i n ' t ~ ~ ~ .

TnEX;lR@OV6CORPDRhllON THESUMMER OF DUBBP (N-k P m ) Formerly Elecz rr@ 1;91, ch$,&ooye Corporacion (minus thbit s i q e r Billy Ray Maein) are exploring da But The RentH. Gut&$ g@@'. an emotional storm w i r l r & e v ~ 6 . f .

hr 'your , Icalian I her j has --r , v&e of the diva to the' winds, ic1has'o&!~ b~egroundeddance's studio disseminatioh of w ehe Original Racken. Only rhe Hypnochew,.q& f i d s on the langour of Eleccribe's fe\&es. The ocherL ace , ~mpu l s i v eand strict, more a d u b a& in the &sco sense than in the classic dub sense - the afompral devotion that is dub is entirely deed. It's nor a bad record but che


the voice. This has cued the return of the 4% the diva as Body, as Glamour. Which mikes a ballad like this ahead of che game: its light reaches us from a scar h r in the future.

B y "Journey into Dubland'' EP celk the-* a w n s more fiercely and less Eunctiondly,' Ie 'Tom I$* dance-floor ro accede to it, whlle this submits co, che law of. che floor. Both are seductiw opdons, mind you.

MCKOY FIGHT (Right Track 12" RXKOYZ) t Second single from Noel McKoy whose de:' but "Family" wrecked dance-floors earlier tyear. The raw, choppy abrasion will see labelled street soul. This is the disguise irnder which a new studio-based confidence

& q h i s t i c a t i o n ventures forward. Refep i$$o co indie status: the best new soul is ;&ng out on independent labels and a new ''$$ia auteurism is being forged with tracks ibercine of house. In

TEN CITY MY PIECEOF HEAVEN(&I WLW 12" SAM1045) Back after a two year absence, Tea City's new single sees them in their usual position: standing on top of rpountains, all outrageous costumes and flamboyant hair, cheir heads above che clouds, their voices bothering God in his sleep. Like Inner City and Blaze, cheir last LP S l a ~4 Mind was criticised for being COO 'Mtrican', meaning English clubbtrs didn't like it, even though it was an excellent rtcord. Here, they marshall cheir symphony of delivery, chorus and piano to heights which even rhe mixes by Motales cannot dampen.

Recorded over rrvo years, i t W d e s che high impam &comfPa of."I'm ck Ox&"% well as f a s t l i c k s

George Mraz (b) and Adam Nussbaum (d) add cheir talents to a sess~onrhar sounds fully rehearsed bur sc111 spontaneous and fullT&. w&,Yes, they do include "My Funny Valentine", slowed up co a near-dicgt.

BLUE BOX LIVE:T I MEWE SIGN (T(bc~a 888813 2) Blue Box is Reinar Win-

pressive live set recorded round Germany year. They work a territory somewhere and Markus Scockhausen's trio projcco


6#3\ I K F

D'INFLUENCE GOOD 4 WE (Earl Wscl LP 7567-92187-1) If chere's a moral critique of

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