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new on Mute

S\\![ 1-T. EXCLlJSlVE CDlDVD RELEASE Composer, film sound-tracker and partially reformed noise freak SFT (Simon Fisher Turner) releases Swift, twenty pieces of music, film & silence on CD coupled together with a DVD: A Film by Adam Shepherd. The film is collaged footage from six film makers, including SFT, to accompany the album. Swift is a unique blend of jazz, electronic and world music that has all the unexpectednessthat you might expect from Simon Fisher Turner.

Children Of The Black Sun is Boyd Rice's most beautiful and uncompromisingalbum to date and sees him yet again pushing boundaries others dare not approach. Boyd's 12th release on Mute and the follow up to 1999's Receive The Flame. Set to be released on CD and is coupled with the added extra of an audio only DVD featuring a 5.1 mix of the music.

U m a r k e t led Market Led is the follow up to 1998's debut album The World Of Tomorrow. Komputer's Market Led may just be the coolest edge of dance record of the year. I t has house music as sparse as an undergroundcar park at midnight, acid rob0 disco like it's coming from your subconscious, freaky percussive journeys, Zen loops and beautifully displaced piano mantras.

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