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Eye and Yosh1m1 of Boredoms photographed by Jake Waiters

Regulars Bitstream/ Death Row 10 Notes from the underground/ Peaches's last requests

Global Ear 18 Don Watson hears electronic gurglings in Russia's Volga Basin

Epiphanies 106 John Cratchley on a powerful late 60s anti-war cry by Mike Westbrook

Editor's Idea 4 Letters 6 Charts 48 Out There 88 Directory 96 Plu s Label Lore and Savage Pencil

Back Issues 98 Subscribe 100

Reviews Index 49 Soundcheck 50 Avant Rock 66 Critical Beats 67 Dub 68 Electronica 69 Global 70 HipHop 71 Jazz & lmprov 72 Outer Limits 73 Cross Platform 74 Print Run 78 On Location 82

Earle Brown 24 The founding father of the 'New York School ' of avant garde composition died in July this year. David Ryan pays tribute to an often overlooked pioneer of chance operations , graphic scores and beyond

Atom Heart 26 Call him Senor Coconut, Geeez 'N' Gosh, Lassigue Bendthaus or a dozen other names: Uwe Schmidt 's Rather Interesting electronica empire is putting flesh on the bones of Kraftwerk 's robotic models. By Ken Holling s

YasunaoTone 30 Following his paramedia assau lt s on Japanese street life via col laborations with Merce Cunningham and Yoko Ono, this prizewinning f ormer Flu xus artist is carving up th e digital domain with his wounded COs. By Al an Licht

Boredoms 34 Yamataka Eye and Yoshimi P-We's 16 year old avant instituti on has a new lease of life. They tell Edwin Pouncey how they've streamlined their anarchic punk into a disciplined percussion frenzy... by turning the group into a turntable

Invisible Jukebox 20 Charlemagne Palestine Will tracks by Morton Subotnick, La Monte Young , Kraftwerk, Jon Hassell , Terry Riley, Diamanda Galas , Suicide, Hermann Nitsch and more ring any bells with minimalism 's unalloyed genius? Louise Gray finds out

The Primer 42 Miami Bass A user's guide to the sub-bass booms, booty bumps, low end th eories and quad-ditties of South Florida's Techno children including Luke Skyywalker, T La Rock & Jazzy Jay, DJ Magic Mike , Master Ace and more. By Dave Tompkins

Bites DJChebiSabbah12 RJD214 Clarence Barlow 16

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