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09WAZAHUGY Wazahugy is a one-off strings and percussion lmprov quartet featuring Philipp Wachsmann (violin and electronics), lngar Zach (percussion), Charlotte Hug (vio la and electronics) and lvar Grydeland (guitar) . While Wachsmann and Hug are established presences on the European free improvisation scene , the Norwegian duo of Zach and Grydeland are at the forefront of lmprov's next generation of musicians , and bosses of the prolific Sofa label.

10 ASA-CHANG &JUNRAY TSUGINEPU TO ITIEMITA Percussionist/trumpeter Asa-Chang was the leader of The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra before discovering a strange drum on a trip to Indonesia. In his hands (an d with the aid of some old school electronic kit) the Dandud bongo becomes a kind of PoMo, comedic tab la - perfect for the playful mixture of cute pop and avant garde practice carried out by his group, guitarist/ programmer Hidehiko Urayama , FX maestro Kiyoshi Kusaka and actual tab la player U-Zhaan.

11 DEADBEAT ORGAN IN THE ATIIC SINGS THE BLUES Along with producers like Akufen , Jetone and Mitchell Akiyama, Deadbeat (aka Scott Monteith ) is part of Montreal 's increasingly vital electronic music scene . Th rough so lo releases on Force In c. Mutek, Revolver and Background , and in a duo with fellow Canuck Stephen Beaupre as Crack Haus , he has exp lored the same micro-structures that have fascinated fellow travellers li ke Matthew Herbert and Monolake . "Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues " is from Deadbeat's forthcoming album on Pole 's -scape label.

12 DJ VADIM TILL SUNS IN YOUR EYE Ever since he released the Abstract Hallucinating Gases EP on his own Jazz Fudge label in April 1995, the erstwhile Vadim Peare has been one of HipHop's most restless trave llers. Moving from the deathbed instrumental HipHop of his earliest releases to wo rk ing with some of the most challenging and inn ovative MCs around (Antipop Consortium , Sarah Jones , Company Flow, Mr Lif, Gift Of Gab , Phi Life Cypher, Slug, etc), Vadim has constantly expanded and refined his palette, giving credence to Nas's assertion that "s leep is the cousin of death".

13 OXES HORSES R OK (PRISON AND I WERE IN A 5 WAY MIX BY CEX) The Oxes are three guys from Baltimore , Maryla nd who play a grind ingly intense, churn ing, brutal brand of instrumental math rock - i t 's so punishing i t cou ld be called trig rock , except i t isn ' t that complex. Th eir mate Cex (a ka Ryjan Kidwell ) also hails from Baltimore, records for Tigerbeat6, thinks he's a rap star and often performs live in his underwea r. Together on this exclusive track, they're the best combination from the Chesapeake Bay si nce crab cakes and Old Bay seasoning.

14 SAGAN JABPUNPLUSONE As the great astronomer earl Sagan himself might have said, the re are billions of sounds floating around the l aptop universe, and the San Francisco-based multimedia lmprov trio of J Lesser (of Lesser, Di sc and Matmos's live crew), Blevin Blectum (from Blectum From Blechdom) and video artist Ryan Junell are on a mission to discover them all. Although the group have performed frequently around the Bay Area, "JabPunPiusOne " is their first cosmic fugue to go public via CD. Their first album will be released by As phodel sometime next year.

15 LEAFCUTTER JOHN MANDOLIN WORK (EDIT) After becoming disillusioned at art school, John Burton ditched the brushes and canvas first in favour of performance-based work and then hard drives and the MaxjMSP programming environment. Attracting comparisons to Autechre, Pimmon and his label boss, Mike Paradinas, Leafcutter John combines often abstract field recordings and snippets of folk tunes with brittle , glitchy, parsed electronics and granu lar synthesis. "M andolin Work " is an as yet unreleased track from his forthcoming album due out on Planet Mu next year.

16 SUN REACH FOR THE SKY (PLURAMON REM IX) Sydney based duo Sun is the unusual pairing of experimental guitarist Oren Ambarchi with music figurehead and soundtracker (hi s portofolio includes Dead Poets ' Society) Ch ris Townend. Their debut album, re leased next year, is inspired by melancholic pop outfits like Talk Talk - quite a departure for Ambarchi, who is better known for his uncompromising guitar stir rings with artists like Otomo Yoshihide and Phill Niblock. " Reach For The Sky" has been reworked by Cologne based Marcus Schmickler aka Pluramon.

01 MAX TUNDRA MASTERED BY GUY AT THE EXC HANGE Beginning as something you might have picked up on Rough Trade 20 years ago on ly to evo lve (or devolve , depending on how low you like to wear your trousers) into parti culated disco, "Mastered By Guy At Th e Exchange" amply displays the ~a nge of influen ces that Ben Jacobs has brought to bear on hi ~1 offkilter electronica since his debut, 1998's "Children At P ay".

02 WIRE SPENT Along with The Fall the only members of punk's first wa~e that can still wa lk with their heads held high , Bruce Gilbert, ~oli n Newman , Graham Lewis and Robert Grey (aka Robert 1 Gotobed) haven ' t stood still since they burst on the sce ~e with the extraordinary Pink Flag in 1977. Th e group ushered i n their Silver Jubilee with Read & Burn, their first recording witH the origina l lin e-up since 1990's Manscape , and an intense! vitriolic return to their origina l , abrasive sound.

03 SONIC YOUTH/ICP/THE EX Ill This abstract miniature, which was recorded last year in Holland , is further evidence (as i f any were needed) of Sonic Youth ' s extraordinary enthusiasm for testing their limits :and leaping into the fray. " Ill " can be found on In The Fishta?k which documents an impromptu jam session between Sonic Youth (a line-up which includes percussionist William Wi~ant, but not Kim Gordon) and Dutch improvisers Han Bennin ~. Ab Baars and Welter Wierbos (from the In stant Composers Pool ), and Terrie and Luc from Th e Ex.

04 SIGUR ROS UNTITLED With the epic, cinematic sweep, plangent strings, melodramatic melodies and mournfu l voca ls of their breakthrough album , Agcetis Byrjun , Jon Th or Birgisson,

Hol m, Kjartan Sveinsson and Orri Pall Dyrason became the biggest thing to come out of Ice land since Bj6rk . " Untitled " is from their new Fat Cat album , helpfu lly titled () . I


05 JOHN FAHEY RED CROSS, DISCIPLE OF CHRISlil TODAY (FO R GUITAR ROBERTS) Few people have expanded the range of their chosen instrument the way John Fahey broadened the scope of ~he acoustic guitar. By using blues and Country fingerpick ing styles to express more 'complex' ideas from Indian ragas and 1

Charles Ives, Fahey spanned both continents and t raditions. " Red Cross, Disciple Of Christ Today " is taken from Re~ Cross (which wi ll be released next year on Revenant), Fahey 's rst recordings before he died last year.

07 A SMALL GOOD THING A MIGHTY STILLf.JESS (R MIX) Big sk ies, tumb ling tumbleweeds, whoopin ' banditos, s ixjgun shooters sitting under sagebrush sippin ' sarsparilla: the~ · re all to be found on the two volumes of A Small Good Th ing's Ambient ode to the Wild West, Slim Westerns . Wonderfupy evocative of the lone prairie and Monument Va ll ey they ~ay be, but these two albums were recorded by three refugees from former Fourth Worlders 0 Yuki Conjugate (Andrew Hulmetl Tom Fazzini and Mark Sedgwick), who live in London , Leeds a d Hull.

07 THE SEA AND CAKE LEFT SIDE CLOUDED Featu ring Archer Prewitt, Sam Prekop, John McEntire an~ Erik Cl aridge, The Sea And Cake are the supergroup of the Chicago indie scene. All of the Windy City hallmarks are here : p9stKrautrock meandering, loping tempos, diffid ent guitars, gentle, warm tones and shy-boy lyrics and vocals all wrapped inJa gauzy el ectronic membrane . " Left Side Clouded " is fro ~their latest supersession, One Bedroom , which will be re leas d on Thrill Jockey in January.

08 MASHA QRELLA I WANT YO U TO KNOW Masha Qrella is usually assoc iated with two largely instrumental German groups , Contriva (for whom she plays bass and guitar) and Mina (for whom she plays keybo~1ds). As a solo artist, Qrella is an intim ate , impressionistic sin ersongwriter in the vein of David Grubbs or Ell iot Smith. • he played all of the instruments on her first so lo album, L ck, which was released on Monika Enterprises earlier this autumn.

09 DICTAPHONE THE E.SONG Berlin based composer Oliver Doe reil (e lectronics) has joined actor/musician Roger Daring (saxophone, cla rinet), who iformed Orchestra Obscure with Rudi Moser (Einstlirzende Neubruten) back in the days , to form the duo Dictaphone. Th e duo, lwhose crack ly, melancholic soundscapes are reminiscent of artists like Pole and Kit Clayton, will be releas ing a full album Jn Berlin /Manchester label City Centre Offices.

10 PULSEPROGRAMMING BLOOMS EVENTUALLY A mu ltimedia co ll aboration between musicians Joel Kris ke and Marc Hellner, graphic designer Hans Seeger and video/film artist Eri c Johnson , Pulseprogramming originated in Portland , Oregon . Th eir careful pop sensibi lity and gentle vocodings create a warmth rare ly ascribed to electronic music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Mouse On Mars , Boards Of Canada and Telefon Tel Aviv (whose Charlie Cooper mixed the record) , Pul seprogramming release a new album on Aesthetics next year.

11 ELECTRELANE THIS DEED Verity Susman (keyboards, vocals), Emma Gaze (d rums ), Rachel Dalley (Bass) and Mia Clarke (gu itar) make up this young Brighton based avant rock outfit. Located somewhere between Broadcast and Neu! , Electrel ane started out in 1998 and own their own record company Let 's Rock!. "This Deed " has been recorded exclusively for The Wire Tapper 9.

12 ELLERY ESKELIN TRIO 43 RPM Kansas born tenor saxophonist Ell ery Eskelin formed his trio with Andrea Parkins (accord ion , piano and sampler) and percussionist Jim Bl ack back in 1994, since when t hey have amassed a large body of work. Neither 100 per ce nt free nor completely improvised, the outfit's direction is never predictable. "43 RPM" is an exclusive edit t aken from a forthcoming Hat Hut album that is due out in spring next year.

13 JIMMY LYONS JU MP UP Underrecorded and undersung, Jimmy Lyons was nevertheless one of the great alto saxophonists in jazz. His reedy ton e and flurries of notes were regularly heard in the Cecil Taylor Unit from 1961 until his death in 1986. "Jump Up " was reco rded in Geneva in May 1984 with bassoonist Karen Borca and drummer Paul Murphy, and wi ll form part of Ayler Reco rd s' projected five CD box set of Lyons material.

14 AMON TOBIN EL WRAITH Thi s Brazilian born breakbeat adventurer must be hooked on filters and distortion software . Hi s fourth album, Out From Out Where, released on Ninja Tune , contin ues where he last left off: compressed, heavy rhythms fi ll ed with dark textures and murky drones from what sounds li ke a digi ta l didgeridoo . The string and voca l samples on " El Wraith " gives his work a distinct soundtrack quality.

15 D'ARCANGELO ALL THAT J If you be lieve the style mags and all the hipsters who hang around Shoreditch and Williamsburg, then retro electro-funk synth-pop is the sound of 2002. Ask Ita li an brothers Marco and Fabrizio D'Arcangelo, however, and they will tell you that this was the sound of Rome ci rca 1998. Along wi th fellow Italians Marco Passarani and Bochum Welt , D'Arcangelo 's records on ACV, Nature, Monomorph and Rephlex he lped lay the groundwork for all the sullen fashion students cu rrently raiding the Berlin back cata logue.

The Wire Tapper 9 is the latest volume on The Wire' s ongoing series of new music compilations (for details of previou s vo lumes in the series, turn to page 123). i t is given away with copies of the magazine 's November 2002 issue. If you r copy of th e CD is missing or damaged, eith er return the issue to where you bought it, or contact The Wire: +44 (0)20 74 22 5010 , D


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