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AFRICAN BUSINESS Winner of the Diageo 2005 Best Publication award MAY 2007 ISSUE 331 WWW.AFRICASIA.COM

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Editorial Department Associate Editor Tom Nevin Correspondent-at-large Stephen Williams Editorial Assistant Carole Lambert Correspondents in Africa Barnabas Thondlana, Leo Odera Omolo, Blamuel Njururi, Herald Tigama, Pini Jason, Rob Rose, John Ansah, Derek Otieno, Chris Ndivanga, Masupu Rakabane Special Correspondents Milan Vesely, Moin Siddiqi, Dr Karamo Sonko, Neil Ford, Franççois Misser, Graeme Ewens, Pini Jason, Eluem Izezi, Jennie Street, Paul Michaud

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Printers: Headley Brothers Ltd, The Invicta Press, Queens Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8HH. Indexed and abstracted in PAIS International and included in one or more of the Informartion Access Company full text reference databases. Microfi lms available from Xerox University Microfi lms, 399 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106, USA. Indexed by UMI/Data Courier, PO Box 327770, Louisville, KY 402322770 USA.

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12 Cover Story Global warming and Africa

42 African Business Leaders Obligations of success

52 Countryfile South Africa 2010: Too much of a good thing

Editorial 11 Home sweet home

Cover Story Global warming and Africa 12 How to avoid disaster 16 What Africa must do 18 Rail it, don’t air it 20 Storm over rainforest clearance

Cityview 24 Private capital better than aid

Energy 26 King coal ponders renewables 28 Delta prepares for trouble 30 Ghana power crisis now critical

Special Report 31 African Development Bank Newsletter

Essay 36 Call for cultural renaissance

Topic Privatisation 40 Hiring out the family silver

African Business Leaders 42 Alex Cummings Obligations of success

Topic 46 Africa and The Middle East: A new front

Countryfiles 50 Nigeria: Different captain, same chart 52 South Africa: 2010 – Too much of a good thing? 54 Tanzania: A steady hand on the tiller 56 East Africa: Fuel pipeline woes 57 East Africa: Trio’s digital revolution 58 Malawi: Privatisation in the right gear

Reviews Books/Music 64 World’s favourite diplomat 66 The Mauritanian minstrel

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