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issue 96 febru a ry 1992

£1.95 , $5.00 ISSN 0952-0686

world headquarters:

Units G & H , 115 Cleveland Street,

London W I P 5 PN , England

Telephone: 071 580 7522

Fax: 071 323 6905

Editor/ Publisher Richard Cook Assistant Editor

Mar k S inker Advertising Manager

Sue Kemal


Stephen at Namara

Administration M anager & News Editor

Adele Yaron Administrative Assistant

Roshmi Khasn a vis

Founder Anthony Wood


4 Now'sThe Time All news plus Teddy Edwards,

Emmylou Harris, J ohnnieJ ohnson 14 Festival Special J ohn Corbett reports from Europe and

Canada 18 Tristan Honsinger Richard Scott says 'el lo to the cel lo man

22 Ron Geesin At last! Tubular tales with Barry Witherden

24 28



Lou Reed New Y ork exclusive with Simon Reynolds Subscribe! This month 's special offer Black Science Fiction Opening our technology survey, Mark Sinker takes off Detroit T echno Detected by Louise Gray 36 BBC Radiophonic Workshop Mark Sinker steps into the police box 38 George Clinton Ben Watson stands for Parliament 40 Composing with machines Brian Morton hands out screwdrivers 41 Back To The Future Simon Trask surveys what's next for music-tech


46 48 50


Invisible Jukebox Cabaret Voltaire take the test with Biba Kopf The Charts This month 's popular polls Print Run Fine new work on the printed page Soundcheck The lates t CDs , LPs, MCs , covered by our erudite team The Write Place Where readers speak words of wisdom

Cover: Robby the Robot looks forward to the nex t age . Model court esy the Becky Sinker Collec ti on .

Photog raphy by Derek )ones at GGP.

Promotion comultants: Nama ra Cowan PR , MSP Public Relations Ltd. Typeselling by MC Typeset Ltd. Wouldham, R()(hester. Printing by Garnell Dickimon Print Limited, Rotherham. England.

The Wire is diuributed in the UK by Magnum Distribution Ltd, Cloiuer Court , 22- 26 Farringdo n Lane. London ECIR 31\U.

In the US , The Win is published for $50.00 per year by The Wire Maga zine Ltd. Units G&H , 115 Clmland Street , London W I . England. '2nd ClaJJ Postage is paid at New Hyde Park NYI/042.

Postmaste r ple ase send a ddress changes to : The Wire , Sortrite lnc, 23 l 5 New Hyde Park Road, Lake Success, NY 11042, USA.

Canadian addrm: The Wire , 85 Chamber1 Drive, Unit 2, 1\jax. Ontario LIZ IE2. CI\NI\DI\. Tel416 428 754 1

Contributors t h is issue : Mike 1\therton, Cat BaJJ, LouiJt Gray, L.aura Connelly, jack Cooke. J ohn Corbeu. Mark Douet. Mike Fish , John Fordham . Martin Gayford. Hopey Gla1s.

Andy Hamilton, Max Harrison, Nick Kimberley , Biba Kopf, K. Martin. KemiJ Mathinon . Phi/ McNei/1 , Brian Morton , Stuart Nicholson. Chris Parker, Andrew Porhecary , Brian Priwley, David Redfern, Simon ReynoidJ, Mauhew Richardson , j onathan Ronmey , Richard Scoll. Becky Sinker. David T oop. Simon Trask . Ben Wa/Jon , Philip Wa/Jon. Barry Witherden.

The views expreued In T HE WIRE ue those of the respective c:on tributon and are not necessari ly shared by the ~1u.ine or i ts staff. T H E WIRE ~numes no responsibility for unsolici ted manuKripts, photOJ raphs and Illustrations.

Send at you r own risk. CopyriJht here and abroad is hekt by the pu blisher or by f r eelance contributors. Unauthoriied r eproducdon of any i tem is forbidden, and we mean IL

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