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issue 94/95

december 1991 I january 1992

£1.95 , $5 .00 ISSN 0952-0686

world headquarters:

Units G & H , 115 Cleveland Street,

L ondon W I P 5PN, England

Telephone: 071 580 7522

Fax: 071 323 6905

Editor/ Publisher Richard Cook Assistant Editor Mark Sinker Advertising Manager

Sue Kemal


Stephen at Namara

Administration Manager & News Editor

Adele Yaron

Founder Anthony Wood

~WIRE 4 Now'sThe Time All news plus Icebreaker, Benny Green,

Mickey Hart 12 New York Howard Mandel eats up the Apple I4 Antonio Hart Confidential talk with Stuart Nicholson 16 Subscribe! And collect a Miles Davis CD I8 Ron Geesin Tubular tales with Barry Witherden 22 Great Black Music Beginning our major forum 24


32 34

73 76 98

Wynton Marsalis Exclusive conversation with Philip Watson Motown We pick our own chartbusters Black Rock Coalition Hopey Glass fuses andfractures Rap Production David Toop inside the circuitry 38 Jam & Lewis Mark Sinker meets theproducers 40 Modern Jazz Quartet Odds against Stuart Nicholson 44 Invisible Jukebox Kenny Mathieson tests Taj Mahal 46 Louis Armstrong Pops recollected by R D Cook 50 The Charts This month's seething sta tistics 52 Print Run New books worth reading 56 The Critics' Choice Our team picks the best of the year 62 Arthur Bliss Max Harrison sums up the centenary 69 70

Eyewire We study a new film from BAFC Mulgrew Miller Karen Bennett hears the future Crossword Chris Parker's beloved brainteaser Soundcheck Wrappin ' up the last of this year's reviews The Write Place Where readers shake , rattle and roll their own

Cover: Lou is by David Redfern, Wynron by Justin Quick , Diana by Chris Clunn.

Subscribers please note that this iss11e counts as two


Promotion consultants: Namara Cowan PR , MSP Publ ic R elations Ltd. Typesetting by MC Typeset Ltd, W otddham, Rochester. Printing by Game// Dickinson Print Limited, Rotherham , England.

The W ire is distributed in the UK by Magnum Distribution Ltd, Cloister Court. 22-26 Farringdon Lane. London ECJR 3A U.

In the US, The Wire is published for $50.00 per year by The Wire Magazine Ltd, Uniti G&H. I I 5 Clmland Street. London \V I. Engl,md. 2 nd Clan Postage is paid at J amaica NYI 1431.

Canadian address: The W ire, 85 Chambers Drive. Unit 2, Ajax, Ontario LIZ IE2, CANA DA . Te/416 428 7541

Contributors this issue : Mike Atherton , Cat BaJJ , Karm Bmnett , J ean-Marc Birraux, Chris Clunn, Lmmt Connelly, jack Cooke. i\tl a rk Douet. Kodwo Eshun. Mike Fish , J ohn Fordham. )ill Furmanovsky, Martin Gayford, Paul Gi/roy, Hopey Glan , Andy Hamilton, Max Harrison. David /lie. jak Ki lby. ) em Kline. Nick Kimberley. Biba Kopf. Stm Lake. Howard Mantkl , K . Marti n, Kenny Mathieson, Phi/ McNei/1, Brian Morton, Stuart Nicholson, Chris Parker, Valerie Phi/lips, AndreU' Pothecary. Brian PrieJtley, jiiJtin Quick , David Redfern, Simon Reynold.J ,

jonathan Romn1-y, Gerard Rouy, Richard Scott , Becky Sinker. Sue StNJJard. Allan Titmuss. David T oop, Dominic Turner. Ben \\'!arson. Philip Wau on , Barry Witherdm . Va/ Wilmer.

The ~- expressed In THE WIRE are those of t he respective contri bu tors and are no t n ecessari ly shared by t he rnaaazine or iu staff. THE W IRE assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts , p hotoaraph s and i l lustrat ions.

Send a t your own risk. Copyright here and a b road is he ld by the publi she r or by fr ee l.mce contributors. U nauthorised reprod uction of any i tem is forbidden, and we mean i t .

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