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the wire issue 92

october 1991




Van the man in menswear.

Now's The Time 0 All news plus J oey, Demons, Test Dept

Geoff Keezer @ Talking keyboards with Brian Pries t ley

Dave Burrell @ Francis Davis hears about Hawaiian opera

Print Run @ New Books reviewed

Invisible Jukebox @ Lean Redbone tested by Philip Watson

Joseph Haydn @ Graham Lock's monumental guide to j oseph H

Hardwire @ Tom Corbin's techno talkout

Rebirth Brass Band @ Stuart N icholsun shines up the brass

Subscribe! ® And co l lect a soul classic!

Van Morrison ® Rave on, suggests Mike Fish

Tin Machine @ Phi/ McNeill applies the oilcan

The Charts @ This month 's bunch of Top Tens

Soundcheck ® Another packed run of reviews

The Write Place @ Where readers howl and hurrah the wire

A member of the Namara Group issue 91, september 1991 , £1.95, $5.00 ISSN 0952·0686

world headquarters: Units G & H , I I 5 Clet• elcmd Street , London W I P 5 PN. England.

Telephone: 07 I -580 7522. Fax: 071-323 690 5.

Editor/ Publisher • Richard Cook

Deputy Editor • Graham lock Contributing Editor • Mark Sinker Advertising Manager • Roger Thomas Administration Manager • Adele Yaron

Founder • Anthony Wood

Promotion comullaniJ : Namara Cowan PR , MSP Pub/re Relatiom Ltd. Typeselling by MC Typeset Ltd. Wouldham . Rochtster. Priming by Gamell Dickimon Print Limited. Rotherham, England.

The W i rt is d iJ tri buted in the UK by Magnum Distribution Ltd. Cloister Court. 22-26 Farringdon Lane. London EC I R 3AU .

In the US , The Wire is published/or $50.00 per year by The Wire Magazine Ltd. Uniii G&H. 115 Cleveland Stmt. London W I . England. 2ndClaii Poitage is paid atJamaica NY1143 1.

Postmaster please send address changes t o : The Wire, PO Box 754, Manhasset, NY 1103~754, . USA, T ei/Fax 516 627 3836

Canadian addrw: The Wire . 85 Chambers Drive, Unit 2. Ajax. Ontario LI Z I E2. CANADA. Tel 416 428 7541

Contributors this issue: Mike Atherton , Adri Brrgrr, Jean-Marr Birrallx, J onathan Coe . Laura Comully,jark Cooke . Tom Corbin. Franris Davis , Mark Douel, David Downing, Mike Fish ,

John Fordham, Martin Gayford, Hopey Glaii , Andy Hamilton, Max Harrison, David / l ie, Nick Kimberley, Stfvt Lake, j oel Lewis. Kmny Mathieson. Paul McLaughlin, Phi! MrNei/1 , Stuarl Nicho/Jon, Chris Parker , Andrew Pothecary, Brian Priestley, Richard Srott , H oward Sooley , Ben Wa/Ion. Philip Watson , Barry Witherden, Me/ Yates.

The views expressed in THE WIRE are those of the respective contributon and are not necessarily shat"ed by the m aJazi ne or i ts staff. THE WIRE assumes no responsibility for unsolici ted m anusc;ripts, photozr aphs and l l lunradons.

Send at your own risk. Copyrirht t ten and~ is held by the publisher or by free I~~nee contributon. Unauthorised reproducdon of any i te m ts forbidden , and we munit.

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