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wire issue 84

february 1991


( flt~er.

. / m Garbarek

' tnd Andy Sbeppard icwtcb the borders.

Photo $ Nick White.

Now's The Time

Eberhard Weber

Francis Davis



Django Reinhardt

Pierre Boulez

An Editor's Idea

In A Latin Year



Where It Happens

New York


The Charts


The Write Place

All news plus Hotwire howlers Bassman lowers the boom on Mike Fish A new column from America And get an Olufsen From Victoriaville to Huddersfield Martin Gayford remembers the first Euro-muster 'owdoes 'e do eet, asks Ben Watson TheJazz Awards & Europe Sue Steward reviews the grooves Is this the new world? R D Cook ponders A great European label by Steve Lake The Festivals Uptown, downtown, Howard Mandel New techno with Tom Corbin This month's league tables What's new on disc Where readers take the mike

We regret our cover price increase to f1.95 from this issue. It's the tima.


* A member oftbe Namara Group


world headquarters: Units G 15H , 115 ClevelandStreet, London W I P S P N , England. Telephone: 071-580 7522. Fax: 071-323 6905.

t Ed~tw/PublisherR i c h d Cook *Deputy Editor Graham Lock t A r t Director BrookeAuchindoss-Foreman.Contributing Editor Mark Sinker

Administration Manager Adele Yaron A dw t i s i n g Manager Roger Thomas+FounderAnthony Wood

Promotion Comultants:MSP Public Relatiom, Namara Public Relations. Typesetting by MC Typeset L f d , Gillingham. Printing by GarneftDickinron Pnnt Limited, Rotherham and London.

Wire ir drstributedin the UK by AGE Impress, CloirferCourt, 22-26 Fawrngdon b n e , London EC2A 3 AA .

contributors Mike A t k o n , Ricbard Barnrr, Kann Ernnett, Jonathan Cw,Jark Cwke, Tom Corbin. Mike Ftsh, John Fordham, Martin Gnyfwd, Paul Gilrny, Andy Hamilton, TonyHmrngton, David Ilic, Nick Kimbwlry, Elba Kqpf, Russell Lad. Stew L k e , Vmnica Lyons, Hmuard Mnndel, Kenny Mathieson, Brian Morton. Stuarf Nicholron, Chis Pnrkc, Brian PriestlPy,Roland Ramanan,

Richard Scott, Sue Steward, Ben Watson, Philip Watson. Val Wilmer, Barry Wither&, Mike Zwnin.

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