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the axe.

Archive c h s i c by David R # m .

Now's The Time

Ray Anderson


Don Cherry


Fred Wesley

God Video

Jimi Hendrix

Eye Wire

Pee Wee Russell

The Charts

Sun Ra Offer


The Write Place

All news and club ciates Kenny Mathieson on a slippery s l i d Almeiah, Yellowjackets, Gwald Wilson Stwe Lake tracks the trumpet titan Reflections on the writer's world Sotll 'bonemeets Ben Watson He exists! Says Biba Kopf W e blink at the new releases Ben Watson, Stuart Nicholson and Mike Fish k m the midnight lamp in our three-part tribute Watching the pwcmion Liquorice stick unsttlck by Martin Gayfmd This month's league lad& Lust chance t o get the discs! This month's big reuiew section Where r e a h s tell us the worst wire

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contd- Mike A t k o n , Ricbrrrd B M . K a m Bmnett, J o w b ~ nCot,Jack Cmke, Tom Corbin, Mike Fish, John Ford6nm. Martin Gayford, Pm1 Gilmy, Andy Hamilton, T o y Hewington, Davidllu, Nick Kimberley, Bib K$f, Ry11el1k k , S t m Lake, Vmnira Lyons, Hawrd Man&/, Kmny Matbiaon, Brian M a a , S t w NicboIron, Cbrh P&, Brian PriatIry, RolandRamanan,

RicbardSrvn, Sue S t d , Bm Watson, Pbilip W a u a , Val Wilmu, Bawy Witbrrda, Mike Zrumn.

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