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now's the time

E I G H T D A Z E A F O R T N I G H T T H E D A V I D Murray Octet begin the Arts Council's Contemporary Music Network 1990-91 season with a 14-date October tour. Tenorist Murray takes the band -James Spaulding (alto), Craig Harris (trombone), Hugh Ragin, Rasul Siddik (trumpets), Dave Burrell (piano), Wilber Morris (bass), Ralph Peterson (drums) - to London QEH ( 4 October); Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (5); Cheltenham Town Hall (6); Leeds Playhouse (7); Norwich St Andrew's Hall (8); Sheffield Leadmill (9); Manchester RNCM (11); Durham Dunelm House (12); Gateshead Leisure Centre (13); Birmingham Adrian Boult Hall (14); Bracknell Wilde T h e a t r e ( 1 6 ) ; E x e t e r S t George's Ha11 (17); Bath University Ha11 (18); Southampton Turner Sims (19). Please ring venues for details.

O U T D E M O N S O U T C A N A D A ' S outrageous "street jazz" quintet The Shuffle Demons return to the UK this month for a series of dates that takes them to Crawley Outside In Festival ( 1 , 2 September); Manchester Band On The Wall (6); London Canada House (10, 13); Leeds Trade Club (14). Details from 0532 742486.

L I P S T I C K T R A C E S S A X 1 P I A N o duo Andy Sheppard and Keith Tippett begin a UK tour this month to promote their new EG recording 6 6 Shades Of Lipstick.Dates are Bristol St George's (26 September); Manchester Band On The Wall (27); Plymouth Jazz Club (28); London QEH

(30); Dartington Arts Centre (1 October); Leicester Phoenix (2, tbc); Ambleside Zefirelli's ( 4 ) ; Norwich Festival (5); Brentwood Monkeys Club (7); Birmingham Midlands Arts Centre (8, tbc); Bury Arts Centre (9); Darlington Arts Centre (10); Hounslow Centrespace (1 1).

T H E D E A N A N D I S A X I S TE r T o ~ D e a n i s the latest artist to be featured in a special concert series at London's Vortex venue. Joining Dean in his five-date "Project" will be the Unlimited Saxophone Company ( 2 4 September); Keith Tippettl Marcio MattosILouis Moholo (25); Paul RutherfordlPaul RogersINigel Morris (26); Nick EvansIMarcio Mattosl Mark Saunders (27); Howard RileyIPaul RogerslMark Saunders (28). Details from 071 254 6516.

R E D H O U S E O V E R Y O N D E R N E W Y O R K ' S New Music Distribution Service, which has temporarily suspended acbivities because of a c c umu l a t i n g d e b t s , has blamed the switch to CDs as a major factor in its financial crisis. The organisation - for 18 years the world's largest distributor of independentlyproduced new music recordings - released a press statement claiming that "the 'CD revolution' . . . was catastrophic for a company whose merchandise is 85% vinyl, and resulted in massive returns of NMDS records from stores. In addition, record companies specializing in experimental music have been slow to adopt the CD format, resulting in a shortage of saleable new releases." Other causes of their descent into the red were, say NMDS, insufficient support from funding organisations and "a dishonest distributor" who cost the company over five months' worth of income.

NMDS hopes t o resume business in the near future, but in the meantime has dismissed i t s employees, reduced i t s office space and is returning its unsold vinyl stock to the labels concerned. Co-founder and president Timothy Marquand reports that ex-employees are working voluntarily to raise funds for NMDS's relaunch: "We have been an alternative for many artists who produce their own recordings, because we don't think that sales figures are an indication of their work's value. That's why it's crucial that we continue."

B L U E S F O R M R C H A R L I E R E E D S M A NC H A R L I E Hearnshaw takes his quartet on a UK tour this autumn to promote the release of his debut LP So Slam It on Miles Music. Dates are Beaford Centre (21 September); Exeter Arts Centre (22); London Soho Pizza Express (27); Ipswich Peacock (28); Yeovil Quicksilver Mail (7 October); Brentwood Monkeys C l u b ( 14); P l ymouth Ellingtons (19); London Vortex (26); Hull Pipers Club (31); Scarborough Stage Door ( 1 November); Burnley Padiham Town Hall (2). Details from 0803 291554.

C O R T E Z T H E K I L L E R ( P O E T ) J A Y N E C O R T E Z , David Murray and Chick Corea head the visiting artists who'll be appearing at the ninth Norwich Jazz Festival, which takes place from 4-9 October. Lineup includes Louisiana Red (4); Andy Sheppard & Keith Tippett (5); Roberto Pla's Latin Jazz Ensemble (6); Piano Marathon wl John Taylor, Alex Maguire, Mervyn Africa, Stan Tracey (7, afternoon); Chick Corea Elektric Band (7, evening); David Murray Octet (8); Humphrey Lyttelton Band (9); Jayne Cortez (9). Most concerts take place at Norwich Arts Centre, except Corea and Murray at St Andrew's Hall. Details from 0603 660352.

B O W W O W W O W B O W G A M E L A N , described as "ecological sound terrorists" because of their practice of recycling industrial scrap metal as musical instruments, begin an extensive European tour this month with a 12-day residency at London's R i v e r s i d e S t u d i o s (4-1 5 September). The group, comprising Paul Burwell, Beth Hardisty plus various guest artists, will then play further UK gigs at Northampton Arts Centre (12, 13 October); Sheffield Leadmill (15, 16); Brackn e l l Sou t h H i l l Park ( 5 November); and Leicester Phoenix (14, 15) between trips t o Yugoslavia and Switzerland. Details from 081 741 21321 2251.

H E Y J O E ! L O N D O N ' S F I F T H Soho Jazz Festival will run from 27 September-7 October: artists appearing include Joe P a s s ( a t R o n n i e S c o t t ' s throughout the festival); Tommy Chase Band (28 September, 100 Club); Steve Williamson (29 September, Golden Square wire @ magazine

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