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now's the time

Y u r s Of Ja z z exhibition reported in W i w 72, the station will mark its launch with the on-air debut of the new Stwe Williamson LP (dayltime tbc); while future plans include broadcasting last January 'S MIDEM 'Tribute To Charlie Parker' concert (featuring Red Rodney, Frank Morgan, Phi1 Woods and others), plus Jazz Moves concerts by Annette Peacock and Lateral Thinking. Current plans are for a wave format of recordings during the day, with concerts, special interest prograinmes etc in the e v e n i n g . Wave l e n g t h i s 102.2FM.

" J U S T A F E W P E O P L E S I N G I N G A N D D A N C I N G " J A Z Z A G A I N S T Apartheid launch their new Club Amandla at London's Holloway Rocket on 1 6 March. The club, open on alternate Fridays, will feature live sets plus music from UK and South African DJs. Details 0 1 607 2789. Jazz Against Apartheid also present a 'Freedom Night' as part of London Carnden's jazz festival at the Shaw Theatre on 24 March. A r t i s t s t b a . D e t a i l s 01 860 5869.

L O O T ! T H E A R T S Council will be offering bursaries (ranging in value from approx El000 to approx f 5000) to composers in the new music fi.eld a n d t o musicians1 composers i n t he electroacoustic area. Application will make their London debut at the 100 Club on 11 April, as part of an extensive European tour. Comprising Alain Caron (bass), Michel Cusson (guitars) and Paul Brochu (drums), Uzeb have been European festival favourites for many years and their latest CD release L i w In Europe (Cream Recotds through Cadillac), comprises extracts f rom their 1 9 8 1 Bracknell and 1986 Paris Olympia concerts.

Checknatu!J 0 H N S C 0 F I E L D andjacket lookfaward to afun-JIld Candm.Photoby S T E P H E N S P E L L E R .

forms and info from John Muir, Music Officer, Arts Council, 105 Piccadilly, London W 1V OAU - make sure to enclose a SAE. Completed forms must be received by 12 April (new music) and 18 May (electro-acoustic).

V i o l a Concerto (g), together with works by other composers. A season of Soviet films featuring Schnittke scores takes place at the Barbican from 2-4 March. Details 01 935 2141 (Wigmore Hall), 01 935 2141 (Barbican).

K N I T T W O , 1 P E A R L T W O 1 N E W Y O R K ' S Kqitting Factory comes to London on 15 and 16 April. The Big Apple's cote new music vedue is sending its regular artists on a European tour that incl es presented by Crossing a two nights at London's QEP,

Border. Knitters in action Curlew, Jazz Passengers, 2 Ribot's Rootless Cosmodli- tans (15); Sonny ~ h a r r + k Band, Miracle Room, (16). Details 01 928 8800.

F R O M G O R K Y T O O R K N E Y S O V I E T C O M P O S E R Alfred Schnittke and the UK's Sir Peter Maxwell Davies have festivals of their music in London this month. Schnittke: A Celebration, which began in February, continues with a violin recital at the Wigmore Hall (3 March) and three concerts at the Barbican which will include his Sonata For Violin 6 Strings (28 Feb), Concerto G m s o and Monologue For Viola G Strings (5 March) and

The Peter Maxwell Davies retrospective on the South Bank runs from 27 March-l0 April and .will include rare London performances of Worlder Blis, An Orkney Wedding, W i t h Sunrise, TheMartyr& Of St Magnus and the new Strathclyde Concerto, together with old favourites such as Antechrist, A w Maris Stella, Vnali i lcones and the first three symphonies. Details 01 928 3002.

S I X A P P E A L S H E F F I E L D S ' SH O E & web have announced their line-up, following the d f ture of Vic Middleton. As re- ported in W i w 72, the q i 3 are becoming a sextet with he original sax core of M Archer, Derek Saw and *te on piccolo, flute, clarinets

M E T A R Z A N , U Z E B C E L E B R A T E D F R E N C H Canadian jazz-fusion trio Uzeb summer.


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