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Newcomb’s nature, p43

3 Leading articles 7 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary Harry Mount 10 Politics James Forsyth 11 The Spectator’s Notes 14 Barometer 17 Rod Liddle 19 Ancient and modern 23 James Delingpole 24 Hugo Rifkind 26 Letters 28 Any other business Martin Vander Weyer 53 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 55 Real life Melissa Kite Long life Alexander Chancellor 56 The turf Robin Oakley 57 Bridge Susanna Gross 58 Chess Raymond Keene Competition; Crossword 60 Status anxiety Toby Young Dave Michael Heath 61 The Wiki Man Rory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 62 Drink Bruce Anderson Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

Strange fruit, p35

Cultivating suspicion, p11

12 The only way is shale

Cameron must act now to avoid an energy crisis Peter Lilley 13 Michael Bayley

‘War Stories’: a poem 14 Black diamonds

Among South Africa’s new rich Aidan Hartley 16 ‘I don’t want to be normal’

A conversation with Julie Burchill Toby Young 18 American notebook

Geoffrey Wheatcroft 19 Not-so-great Gatsby

The faults in Fitzgerald’s classic Douglas Murray 20 Unintended consequences

The one law we can never repeal Stephen Pollard Boks 30 Jane Ridley Perilous Question,

by Antonia Fraser 33 Peter Parker The Hermit in the

Garden, by Gordon Campbell 34 James Walton And the Mountains

Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini Matthew Parris Beyond the

Malachite Hills, by Jonathan Lawley; Last Man In, by John Hare

35 Oliver Rackham The Tradescants’

Orchard, by Barry Juniper 36 David Crane on the young

Winston Churchill 37 Wynn Wheldon

Holloway, by Robert Macfarlane Christopher Howse The Serpent’s

Promise, by Steve Jones 38 Jonathan Rugman A Dangerous

Delusion, by Peter Oborne Arts 39 Interview The comic-book writer Mark Millar

Peter Hoskin 41 Pop Marcus Berkmann 42 Opera Joshua; Don Carlo

Michael Tanner 43 Exhibitions Calder after the War;

The Physicality of Seeing: Sculpture by Eilís O’Connell; Mary Newcomb Andrew Lambirth 44 The Springtime of the Renaissance

Harry Mount 45 Cinema Star Trek Into Darkness

David Blackburn 47 Theatre The Weir; The Tempest

Lloyd Evans 48 Television Clarissa Tan 49 Radio Kate Chisholm Culture notes Peter Hoskin

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