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B & w L 0 u D s p E A K E R s

T H E M o s T



L 0 U D S P E A K E R

W E ' V E E V E R M A D E

What happens when you give aB& W Matrix£ (Esoteric) series loudspeaker a good sharp tap with a hammer? Listen to the response. Or lack of. ft 's dead , inert . Like attacking a lump of granite. Compare that with the satisfying resonant 'clunk ' you hear when you submit other loudspeaker cabinets to the hammer test. '!he difference illustrates a revolution in loudspeaker technology. B ecause B& W have broken through the colouration barrier, one of the last great obstacles to pure sound reproduction. Colouration- the vibration of the wooden or veneer and ch ipboard cabinet- has been put to Aight by B& W with their Matrix£ series ofdigital monitors. A honeycomb structure of unique design totally eliminates unwanted sound radiation from the cabinet and allows you to hear, for the first time eve r, the natural decay of reverberation exactly as it 's heard in a live performance.

'!he Matrix£ series of three new loudspeaker systems is available at selected B& W dealers. E ach dealer a lso has a hammer. Sothat you can expe ri ence for yourself the disappointing effect of knocking the Matrix£. Listen and you'll see.


For full information contact Phil Will iams ll & 11' I .O U DSI'E ,\KERS ( u " S i \ I. E S ) I. T l l

)..1 ,\RI.B OROUCH R o " n I.A~ C I NC \ V E S T S U S S E X B N I

TE I .EPH OXE ( 0 9 0 3 ) 7 5 0 7 5 0

8 T R

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