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~cry issues strong, Wire moves on. We now have a new team to move on with. This month we say thanks and farewell to Ms Joanne Harris and Ms Jayne Houghton, who have both moved on to pastures new; may they flourish . In their stead, please welcome two new members of Wire's essential sextet.

c Y N T H 1 A R o s E has joined us as Deputy Editor. Cynthia's great experience in theatre, music and poetry combines with a distinguished record as a journalist and commentator on most aspects of contemporary culture. She has recently returned to this country after a spell in her home state of Texas, [ producing the widely-acclaimed Delttxe magazine. Cynthia will be looking after the News section, so please address all news info to her .

P H 1 L 1 P w A T s o N comes in as our new advertising manager. Though he is even younger than the editor, he knows the business and the music inside out. He even claims to play saxophone, though he has yet to prove himself at a Wire jam session.

(Bark) Rose ,

Elli111an , Cook;

(Front) Bou•en,

Watson, ParJo!IJ


Onward. But before we get into the issue, a few words about subscriptions. It costs a few pounds, but a subscription is really the neatest way to get your magazine every month. We have recently overhauled our mailing system, so there should be fewer hiccups and greater speed in getting the magazine to you. It helps us - an awful lot . And i t could soon save you money. We have pegged the cover price at the same rate for a long t ime but with the increased cost of paper, printing and office tea, it may have to rise very soon. A sub taken out now makes sense. And we have a new subs form too. Cool!

R.D. CooK



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