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\V I R





Units G & H I 15 Cleveland Street London WIP 5PN , England

Telephone 01-5HO 7 522



JOANNE HARRIS Advertising & Promotion



JAYNE HOUGHTON News & Phoro Ediror

CHRIS PARSONS, LORRAINE l30WEN Subscriptions & Administratio n




Publis he r

.. TYPESETri NG M.C. Typeset Limited , Chatham

PR I NTING Kingsdal e Press , Reading

WIRE is distributed in the UK by NS Distributio n , 14- 16 Farringdo n

Lane, London EC1 3AU.

CONTRIBUTORS Brian Case Nick Colc:man Tim Colwell John Fordham Charles Fox Andy Hamilton Max Harri son David l l i c Nick Kimberley Biba Kopf

Steve Lake Steve Lcwis Graham Lock Kenny Mathieson Brian Morron Srua rr N ic holson Brian Priesrley Mark Sinker

Sue Steward David Toop Yal Wilmer Mike Zwerin

U .S. A .

John Litwciler Peter Pullman

Cynrhia Rose PHOTOG RAPHY Peter Anderson C hri s C lunn Anron Corbijn David Corio

Jak Kilby D e re k Ridgers Nick White Val Wilmer

" The V l l'W S c xprt·Ss<:d m WIRE .trc rho"c o l dw n·srx·n• v1.· ~ onrnhu (l) ro; .md . lfl ' nor rWlt'\ S.Lnl y Sh.Ht'<.l b y (\)(.' m .t).:.IZ ! Ot' or l ['i d !Silll).: l l l ::. hnl 'i t ,d( WIRE .t.ssurncs fH ) n:spom.• h•l• t)' h)r un\! JILllt tt l m.l nusrnpr s , phnto,l4 r.tph!> .md dl u,. rr.111 nns . Send

;u )'OLi f own r1 c; k . Cop)'rt g hr hl'rt' .1nd .thru.1d 1S

hdd by rht· puhh ~ ht·r nr by lrtT I.Inl t' tt>nt n hur or~ l l n. lu t hor iSl'tl rqmKilll tl on t1l .1ny u t·m I<;S £rl c rl y t)Ut o f ordt"r "I l cUJ dt/i nll~f) Jrl) tbctl 11111 111 ll'oll 'tllof'. / 1

tnll omlmm· to go fo rward... C /-1 ;\R/.11:'

Pt \RKU? . 1'.!5 l

W IR E )

wiRE MAGAZINE September 1986 Issu e_) l

4 Now's THE TIME News p lus Move, Airto & Flora and more lO ANITA BAKER The songstress speaks toR D Cook

12 J.IVE The world 's g reatest festiva l round-up

19 zwERI N Mike Zwerin is fed up in Budapest

20 GA IL TI-IOMPSON Cath Carroll feels the force

23 RECOLLECTIONS OF THE F U T U RE Max Harrison composes himself

24 TORU TAKEM I TSU Brian Morron and the man from Japan

26 HERBIE HANCOCK Nick Coleman rocksit

_)() JOHN ZORN Dave Ilic on the art of squawk

33 cooL SPOOLS Chri s Parker sets his video

_) 4 GREAT RECORDINGS james p by Max H

36 souNDCHECK Keith Tippett, Mike Westbrook p l us l OOs

48 JAZZWORO This box is bigger than Tim Colwell

49 THE WRITE PLACE You note i t- we quote it

COVER: Herbie Hancock by Peter Anderson

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