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ed to pianistBill Evans b l i Mbv Peter H.

!n Rei&ark, London's ole jazz have copies

TumQn ~ t a ~ s -Bill~vans:The Complete Dlscogmphyrispublishedby Peter H. L a m , 41 L ~ e r r t e n ,DK 2840 Holte, Denmark. (price, I $11inc postage). rn

SAL NlSTlCO-STAN TRACEY QUlNTET SAXOPHONISTSalNistico, known particularlyfor his work with Woody Hermanand Count Basie, is making a nationaltour with the Stan Tracey Quartet promotedby Dick Knowles and Jackie Tracey.

Dates conformed are: 15 March, BrightonJazz Club (NBThis date with . BrianWaite, Adrian Kendonand SpikeWells); 17,

OTHER CLUB DATES I CAMBRIDGEJazz Club (Norfolk Street)- 1March, I Jim Mullen; 8, District Six; 15, BobbyWatson; 22,

Jeff Clyne Quartet; 29, Stan Suizmann.

Leeds-JazzFrades Club, Saville Mount)-9 March, Annie WhiteheadSextef; !3Aeril, John Surman Quintet.

SouthamptonJazz Society, (JoinersArms, St Mary's Street)- 12 March, BobbyWellins Quartet; 26, Sue GoddardSeptet; 2 April, Jazz Aliens; 16, John Surman Quintet ('Solent Suite").

London- Brief's Wine Bar (34Newington Causeway, SEl) - Mark Gilbert, Steve Watts, Steve Atguelles, PeteFairclough,Alec Dankworth: 1 March, Ian Ballamy; 7, Steve Budtley; 8, Aran Barnes; 14, Mark Lockhart; 15, David O'Higgins; 21, Ian Ballamy; 22, Steve Buckley; 28, Mark Lockhart; 29, Martin Speake.

BobbyWellins' Jazz Club (Bognor RegisCentreLunchtimes)- 10March, BobbyWellins Quartet; 17, FreddyWoods Quintet; 31, Jim Mullen. a

THE OTHER LEO WE ALL know of Leo Records(run by Rusian entrepreneurLeo Feigin) but there is another label of the same name in Finland.

To date, Leo (Finland)havereleased twelve ' albumsfeaturing such namesas Prank Foster,

Tmnasz Wxnko, EdwardVesala, the Ethnic Heritage 6twembJaandCharlieMariano. Distributioni n the by I e(whoelsen who will supply informaCIonon request Impetusare at 587 Wandsworth Road, London SWB (01-7204460).

BRISTOL IMPROVISERSCOLLECTIVE FORMEDf imonthsago, the BiCseemst o have rIsmfrom theashes d t h e BristolMusicians tollective es ameansof promoting improvised music in the BriEtolarea. Pncestarting, they have been enatlraged by the numbersof younger peoplenot previously awareof the musicwho have cometo their gigs.The B1C are keento hear from anybody interasted i nthefr activfties. W r b t o BristolImprcrvisersCollective. do 133a Ashley Road, Montpelier, BrirtolB56 SNO. ¤

RIM ROOMFOR IMPROVISEDMUSIC, run by musicians Gerry Gold and Chris Green, continues its series in South Londonat new venues.

~ l t h u r ~ l y t h e sunshinei n it for CBS.


Croydon, -Arnhem Gallery, Fairfield Hall (BBC recording); 18, Birmingham- Pebble Mill, TV recording; 20, London-Bass Clef (live recordingfor Steam Records); 21,Tewkesbury- Roses Iheatn; 22, London-Camden Jazz Week (Sal Nistico and rhythmsectionto be announced); 23, DorchesterEypesmouthHotel; 24, Frome- MerlinTheatre; 26, Leicester- BraunstonHotel; 27, London- Bull's Head, Barnes; 28, London- Bull's Head, Barnes; 29, DarlingtonArts Centre; 30, Newcartle- Corner House Hotel; 31, Derby -Albion Rooms; 1April, *


London- 100Club; 2, Witney -Sidings Club; 3, Southampton-ConcordJazz Club.

Furtherdatesare to be confirmed. Meanwhile, t Dick Knowles(withPaul Wilson) continuest o present modernjazz at the 100Club in Ldndon's OxfordStreet one Monday a month. On 11March,

they presentthe Mike Mower Band including Martin Speake and Clark Tracey with financial support fromThe MusiciansUnion. Admission i s f3.50 (£2.50 for 100Club membersand friends of the NationalJazz Centre). ¤

CBS are launchingtwo series of recordsdevotedt o jazz and blues. "Jazz Mastemieces"to be RADIO ON introducedi nJune consists of fifteen albums spanning the last fifty years, each covering a theme from small groups, vocal and mainstreamto bop, trumpet and fusion. In Maythe BlueDiamond series is available- by five very contrasting musicians: DjangoReinhardt- SwingIt Lightly; George Benson- It's UptownKookbook; Aretha Franklin-ElectriwngSouIrisfer: BillieHoliday- Lady Day/Bil/ie'sBlues; RobertJohnson- Kingof the Ddte BluesSingersVds 1-2.

RADIO HALLAMcovering Sheffield and South Yorkshire hasmovedits jazz programme "Jazz Unlimited' from Saturdayto Thursdayevenings betweenB-1Op.m.

Presented by Steve Crocker, the programme covers a mixture of jazz, blues and contemporary music I f you live i n the area, Steve can befound on 194MediumWaveand95 2195.9 VHF.

Also this month, CBS releaseArthur Blythe's latest album-PutSunshine Ink a

DownSouth, BBC RadioSolent's "Jazz On Solent" is into its secondyear. Presented byChris Walker, the programmecan be heardfrom Poolei n the west to Farnhamin the east every Thursday between6.05 t o 7p.m. on 300/221~ e d i u m~ a i e ,


96.1 VHF.

In London, The Wire'sown Brian Priestley can be

CLUB DUNOIS in Paris, long regardedas the place to heardevery Saturday morningbefween 10and hear adventurous music, is playinghost to British 11.30a.m. on BBCRadio Londonon 206 Medium musiciansthis month. Wave, 94.9 VHF. rn

"Hacker Ilk" (15 & 16 March) features clarinettist Alan Hacker supportedby Tony Coe, Karen Evans, BLAKE'S STREAMS Carol Robinson, Violetta Ferrerand Gerard Siracusa. They'll perform works by Peter Maxwell Davies. THIRD-STREAM pianist and improviser Ran Blake Debussy, Alban Bergand HarrisonBirtwhistle comesto Europe this montht~performat the among others. The two nights are presentedby GrenobleJazz Festival in France- 7-16 March. On NATO recordswith support from the British Council. returningt o the States, Blakewill play several

On 17 March, MikeWestbrook's A Little

Westbrook Music will beguests.

concerts during March, April and May includingone on 5 May at the New EnglandConservatoryof Music

You'll find the Club Dunois at 28 Rue Dunois, in Bostonwhere he i s Chairperson of Third Stream Paris. Admissionis 50f. Studies. m Channel4's RepercussionspromisesBigMama Thornton, largerthan life.

This month, RIM prqents 1March, John Stevens' SpontaneousMusicEnsembleand Paul Moss. Roberto Bellatallaand NanaTsiboe at S t Matthews MeetingPlace, Brixton Hill (oppositeLambethTown Hall). On 12th, at the Nettleford Hall (nearWest N o m dStation), HowardRiley performsa solo pianoset opposite Coherents.

All concerts start at 7.30- admission£2 or f I,, * cot?-ions. * . REPERCUSSIONSFOR CHANNEL 4 : REPERCUSSIONS, the video-worthy series tracing the link between African musictraditions and Westernmusic, currently running on Channel 4, continuesthis month each Mondayat 9p.m. Monday, 14March. screens 'Legends of Rhythm and Blues" featuring Big MamaThorntonand i LowellFulsonamong others; 11March is devoted 4 to the work of MaxRoach; 18, "The Drums of

Dagbon"; 25, "Caribbean Crucible"; 1April, 'The 5 Popular Music of West Africa".

The series, which took threeyears to make, is directed and producedby Geoffrey Haydonand Third Eye Productions. ¤

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