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inside YOU monMy exp,oration O, new music

10 The Wire Tapper 6 Special Edition

Your track by track gulde to thls month's free double CD

14 Bites

The Walkabouts Wander~ngm~nstrelsI-SoundJah's avenger Tatsu Aoki Bass explorer

18 Jack Nitzsche RIP

From ha spectral presence In Spector'sWall of Sound to the sizzling ferment of ha lugubr~oussoundtracks for Performance and more, Jack was one of mus~c'sgreat backroom boys. By tan Penman

22 Invisible Jukebox: Jimi Tenor

The FinnlshTechno crooner and composer loses ha cool to tracks by 0,Dlck Hyman, Edward Vesala, Dav~d Bow~e,Global Electron~cNetwork and more Tested by M~keBarnes

26 Dave Douglas

Straddling uptown and downtown scenes, thls versatile trumpeter IS trylng to end the Balkan~sationof jazz by adding East European sonorltles and electronics to h ~ slatest group Incarnations. By Christoph Cox

30 Anticon

With crayon-scrawled rhymes and multimedia projects based on stuffed animals, this collective of mlsfits, 2 lst century beatniks and backstreet B-boys are remaking HipHop in their own twisted image. By Hua Hsu

34 The Primer: Gamelan

A user's guide to the monkey chant,reremonial dance and storm of bronze percussion created by the art muslc orchestrasof the Indonesian islands of Java and Ball. By Richard Henderson


To celebrate our 200th issue, The Wire maps out the state of alternative music on the Web. Including 200 Websites Your essenhal guide to the best homepages for artists, labels, music resources and organisations, mail order, Netcasts, software, venues, festivals and onllne curiosities Plus 44 Philip Sherburne asks: are Napster, MP3 and worth the bandw~dth?49 Mine host: Rob Young meets Brainwashed.comfounder Jon Whitney 51 Tuning in to Net radio pioneers Betaloungeand Ocean Club 52 Hua Hsu finds HipHop's ~dentltycrisis played out on the Web

58 Soundcheck October'sselected albums and singles, including new releasesfrom Add N To X, Derek Balley & Alex Ward, Harold Budd, Dillinger, Dave Douglas, Fennesz,Flanger, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Hafler Trio, Steve Lacy, Francisco Lopez, Magazine,Jackie Mittoo, William Parker, Photek, Pluramon, Ravi Shankar, Sun Ra, David Sylvian, Trans Am, Susumu Yokota and more 90 MultimediaAlan Licht grapples with a new box set of Jean-Luc Godard soundtracks 92 Print Run New music books. Cool runnlngswith Dennis Brown, crown prince of reggae; the maklng of Kind OfBlue; Mary Woronov swlms with the sharks at The Factory 98 On Location Going live: Peter BroEmann,William Parker and AALY Trio's sketches of Portugal; Diamanda Galas the singing serpent; Crestmg the soundwaves at France's Futura; Elliott Sharp curates a bed of sound at New York's PS1

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4 Editor's Idea 6 Letters 20 Global Ear The East Berlin sound ten years after the fall of the Wall 16 Bitstream News from music's outer limits 89 Charts 94 Label Directory 102 Out There October's selected festivals, happenings, live events, clubs and rad~o 112 Back Issues 113 Subscribe and get FREE CDs and FREE magazines! 114 Epiphanies Lee Ranaldo is blown in a new d~redionby Rhys Chatham's guitar storm

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