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Issue 200 October 2000 f 3 1018725 ISSN 0952-0686 (USPS006231)

4546 Poland Street LondonWlF ZNA UK Tel +44 (0)20 2439 6422 Fax c44 (0)201281 4161 Ernail Web

Publ~sher& Editor-ln-Chief Tony Henington pubBsheiOthewreCO uk

Editor Rob Young edito~hew~reCOuk

Sub Ed~torPeter ShaDiro

Senior Des~gners KjeU Ekhorn, JonTon

Des~gn& Layout Slim Smith deggn@thewrreCOuk Projecrs & Web Ed~torh e Hilde Neset pm~em@thewrreCO uk Advertising Manager Andy Tait ads@thew~reCO uk (Tel 020 7494 1340) Subscr~pt~ons&Adm~n~strat~onBen House subs@thewrrecouk (Tel 020 7734 35551

Words Steve Barker, Mike Barnes, Clive Bell, C M s Blackford, Ben Borthwick, Byron Coley, Julian Cowley, CMstoph Cox, Alan Cummings, Brian Dugnid, David Elliott, Phi1England, Kodwo Eshun, Matt ffytche, Sasha Frere-Jones,Louise Gray, Andy Hamilton, Richard Hendenon, Ken Hollings, Dam Howell, Hua Hsu, David Keenan, Monica Eendrick, RahmaKhazam,Nick Kimberley, Blba Kopf, M Lange,Alan Licht, Howard Mandel, Peter McIntyre, Andy Medhunt, Will Montgomery, JonC Morgan, Ian Penman, Edwin Ponncey, SimonReynoldm, Tom Ridge, C M s Sharp, Philip Sherburne,Mark Sinker, Dave Tompkins, David Toop, Dan Warburton, Ben Watson, DonWatson, Val Wilmer, Bany Witherden Images Amy 81Tanner, Frank Bauer, Dean Belcher, Nigel Bennett, Xarl Bielik, Vince Dolman, Melanie GrLzel, OUy Bevritt, T h Kent, SimonLeigh, Joe Miles. S a m e Pencil. Nik Stranaelmre.Michele . - Tuniani,Eva Vermandel, J Cover photo T hK e n t Thanks fh,smue to Ph11England

D~str~but~on UK & Europe


COMAG S~ecialist Eastern Nerrs Tav~stockworks West 55th Street Tav~stockRoad New York, NY 10019,USA West Orayton For allU5newsstandquenes M~ddlesexU07 7QX col1 TolIFree 18002213 148 Tel. 01895 433800 NB: IISmbscription queries Fax 01895 433801 contact The Wire (see below)


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The Wire

45-46 Poland Street

London W1V 30F. UK

UK 536

Europe $50

USlYCanada $851550

Hotline +44 (OI2O 7734 3555 Rest Of World Web www thew1re.c~uk f 60 A ~ r l f50 Surface Chairman of the Narnara Group N a h Attallah Founder AnthonyWood

Prlntedby S1 Ives plc. Reprcductlon by DP Graphlcs.Webslte hostedand malntalned by DFuse I w d b e c m l The W~rea a member of me Namara Grwp USA The Wlre ISSN 0952-0686 IUSPS W6231l Is published monthly for $85 by The Wlre MagaaneLtd Percdcals pastage pald at Charnplaln NY 12919-1 5 18 Postmaster rendaddresschanges to The WIR do INS of New York PO Box 1518 Champiatn NY 12919-1518

o I'm on the phone t o contributor M ~ k eBarnes, plott~ng("Mwah-hah-hah-haaah!") the fiendish select~onof tunes t o drop on Jlml Tenor In this month's lnv~s~bleJukebox feature. "I've heard about t h ~ s Flnnish Shout~ngMen's Cho~r,"says M~ke."A bunch of Scand~nav~anblokes, who, well, shout a lot. But I've no idea where you'd get t he~rrecords from."

Bellow~ngF~nns?Sounds too good t o be true. And since I've finally managed t o download and Install a free copy of Macster, the Apple verslon of the Infamous Napster software (much In the news right now because certaln artlstes, completely underest~mat~ngthe behav~ourof fans, belleve ~tw ~ l ldepr~vethem of certaln revenues), I find myself ~d l ytapping the words "Shouting Men" lnto Macster's 'Search' w~ndow.A second or two later, and the table of results lists the words "M~eskuoroHuutajat" next t o a couple of MP3 flles In the space of the same phone call, while one half of my b r a~ntalks away, the other is downloading a file and double c l ~ck~ng~tto start. Hush~ngMike, I clamp the phone's mouthp~ecelnto the foam muff of my headphones, and the Finns' extraord~naryfull-lunged wh~ckeringsand thunderous cach~nnat~onsmainl~nelnto M~ke'slughole W~thoutspend~ngany cash, nor burnlng any of the fuel that suddenly seems t o have become a fervently contested commodity, the Net has just turned what t o both of us seemed the most obscure muslc we could lmaglne lnto an aud~blerealty, w~thlnthe scant durat~on of a phone conversatlon For even the most longtoothed and red-eyed Net surfer, such experiences retaln a quality of wonder

As you'll see, we d~dn' tactually play the muslc t o Tenor, slnce neither of us had the fac~lttiesto transport MP3 f~les.But In a small way, the Incident confirmed everyth~ngI feel about The Wlre's Indebtedness t o t he lnternet - which I had never even heard of when I started work~ngfor t h ~ s magazlne Don't panic We're not about t o turn lnto V~rtualP I ~Breeder, or whatever latest popular Web rags are sell~ngin a supermarket near you. Neither are we about t o abandon the K~ngdomof Paper for the Hard D r ~ v eRepublic The t ime simply feels rlght, in an e d ~ t ~ o n that marks our second tonne of issues, t o offer 2 0 0 reasons why we probably wouldn't still be here w~thoutthe World Wide Web.

As ~thappens, Issue 2 0 0 does indeed feel like the beglnn~ngof a new phase In the magaz~ne'sl~ f eAs well as welcom~ngour new design and product~on team - a three-man unlt comprising Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss of Namara Des~gn,together w ~ t hSlim Smith, whose background includes artwork for the Blast First and Mute labels - October sees the first In a monthly serles titled The W~reSess~ons,a sequence of (hopefully) groundbreaklng llve events curated by thls magazlne and wh~chw ~ l ltake place place at no less a venue than the Queen El~zabethHall on London's South Bank (full deta~lson page 102) . On top of all that, we also present the biggest and best volume of our free Wlre Tapper CD serles so far - a double whammy of cruc~alnew music, much of ~texclus~ve and unreleased (and once again available t o UK news stand buyers and all subscribers In and outs~dethe UK, but unfortunately not In overseas shops). Even though t h ~ sissue, compared w ~ t hthe 199 others that have preceded ~ t ,will probably paradox~callydate the fastest as the Net changes its structure and links expire, the musical universe encapsulated on The Wlre Tapper will surely endure. ROB YOUNG

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