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I -- I -2 your monthy exploration of new music

' 10 Bites

Barbara Morgenstern Home entertainer KOIshikawa Sho tlme Thomas Lehn Analogue adherent Charles Curtis Slnewave subversive

18 David Grubbs

Slnce movlng to New York, the former Gastr Del Sol gultarlst and composer has sought out softer but no less darlng settlngs for h ~ slyr~calexperiments In language and tonal levltat~onBy Chrlstoph Cox

22 AmiriBaraka

The performing poet, publisher and pamphleteer who bridged Beat, black power and free jazz recalls his days of fire with Albert Ayler, Sunny Murray and The New York Art Quartet. By David Keenan

28 Iceland's New Horizons l

The ocean-size post-rock of Sigur Ros is detonat~nga musical volcano in Iceland's frozen wastes. Rob Young I travels to Reylqavik to meet the group, plus the Kitchen Motors collective and composer Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson

34 2000 Rewind

Spqoling back through the year in music The Wire's Records Of The Year compiled from the votes of The Mre's crack writing squad. Plus: writers and musicians list their Pros and Cons of 2000

44 Tangents #4: Smiling Faces Sometimes

In our serles taking a s~delongglance at music, Peter Shapiro reveals how psychedel~csoul artists from The O'Jays to Sly Stone peeled away the Smiley stickers papering over the grim truth of Nixon's America

1 50 Invisible Jukebox:Mark E Smith The Fall's gruff guru gets grumpy about records by Charles Bukowskl, Emlnem, lggy Pop, Prlnce Janbo,

Spiders, DJ Scud and more. Tested by Edwin Pouncey

Nark E Smith page 50 1

54 Soundcheck January'sselected albums and singles, including new releases from Koji Asano, Eugene Chadbourne, Shirley Collins, Charles Curtis, Marcel Duchamp, ErnestDawkns, Faust, MortonFeldman, Future Pilot AKA, Ryoji Ikeda, Joseph Holbrooke, ChristianMarclay & Otomo Yoshihide, Mrrostoria, Moodymann, The Orb, PanSonr, Scannerfunk, Matthew Shipp, KarlheinzStockhausen,White Out with Jlm O'Rourke and more 16 Print Run New music books: The Creation story; The Mothers Of Inventionspeak out; A new Europsychedelia encyclopedia; Three reggae histories 80 Multimedia Adrian Shaughnessy meets Norway's Kim Hiorthoy, deslgner of the Rune Grammofon aesthetic 82 On Location Go~nglive: The Ac~dMothersset up their Temple in London; Electronicaavantists thaw out Finland's Avanto Festival;The Necks slow London to a crawl; Going gaga in Leicester with Henri Chopin; plus Helmut Lachenmann in Huddersfield, lmprov manla at Phonomanie, and PJ H a ~ e yin New York

4 Editor's Idea 6 Letters 14 Bitstream News from music's outer limits 16 Global Ear Stewart Lee follows Terrastock to Seattle IS Charts 18 Label Directory 90 Out There January's selected festivals, happenings, live events, clubs and radio 96 Back I s s ue s 91 Subscribe and get FREE CDs or FREE mags! 98 Epiphanies Jah Wobble's divine revelations

H I,.II III Amiri Baraka page 22"'l

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