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Rad iohead's Th orn Yorke photo graphed by Jason Evans

Regulars Global Ear 16 Tallinn tales from Estonia's capital

Epiphanies 98 lan Shirley brushes up on Chrome

Editor's Idea 4 Letters 6 Bitstream 14 Charts 48 Out There 84 Label Directory 94 Subscribe 96 Back Issues 97

Reviews Index 49 Soundcheck 50 Avant Rock 64 Dub 65 Global 66 HipHop 67 Jazz & lmprov 68 Outer Limits 69 Ether Talk 70 Print Run 74 On Location 78

MicroHouse 18 Artists such as Vladislav Delay, Thomas Brinkmann and Jan Jelinek, and labels like Perlon , Playhouse and Kompakt, are recharging electronica by reducing Chicago House to a microsystem of clicks 'n ' cuts. By Philip Sherburne

Radiohead 26 At their Oxford base, Thorn Yorke and Jonny Greenwood tell Simon Reynolds about dissent in an apathetic age, the secrets of their studio techniques and how to stay off-message while under corporate manners

Arthur Doyle 44 A forgotten contemporary of Albert Ayl er and Sunny Murray, this itinerant saxophonist has evaded the clutches of the CIA and the French prison system to keep the torch of black free music burning . By Dan Warburton

Invisible Jukebox 34 Pauline Oliveros The queen of Deep Listening walks it like she talks it in our blindfold test, attempting to identify drones by Fripp & Eno, John Cage, Thomas Brinkmann , Reynols and more. Tested by Christoph Cox

Tangents 38 Metropolis and the Man-MachineEversinceFritzLang's1927silentmasterpieceprophesiedarobotic age of totalitarianism, willing slaves to the rhythm from Kraftwerk to Giorgio Moroder and Jeff Mills have attempted to soundtrack it. By Ken Hollings

Bites Four let 8 Oren Ambarchi 10 Fred Lonberg-Holm 12 John Hu ak 1

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