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Issue 6, Spring/Summer 08

The Essays

Ultra Swing by Jon Savage 58

Approaches to What? by Georges Perec 60

Rebel Yell by Jeremy Reed 62

In Thrall To Religion by John Gray 64

The Authentic Human by Philip K Dick 66

Precious Elements by Norman Rosenthal 68

The Features

The Journey of a Lifetime Emile Hirsch 166

Rage Against the Dying Light John Maybury 178

Stranger in a Foreign Land Nick Cave 186

Architecture is a Form of Play Antti Lovag 302

The Front Section

Pattern Recognition Pierre Bastien 72

Parallel Universe Sci-fi Books 74

Vive la Revolution Vincent Moon 76

Vis a Vis Chapman Brothers 78

Screaming Manifesto S.C.U.M 82

In Leafy Branches Treehouses 84

My Style Icon Jsen Wintle 86

Anonymous Auteur Destination Sex City 88

One Plus One Artists’ Formulas 94

Deadpan Delivery Stephen Malkmus 96

Free Bird Bird Men 98

Cut To Fit Enzo Mari 100

Wild Combination Matt Wolf 102

Post Punk Paul Simonon 104

General Idea File Megazine 106


The Interviews

Cinematic Muse Cléémence Poéésy 308

Beatific Soul Michael Stipe 310

Musical Provocateur Séébastien Tellier 312

Speaking Truth Dmitri Muratov 314

Defining Performance Mike Pitt 316

Front Cover Photographed by Mark Segal Styled by Alister Mackie Emile wears suit by Prada; Vintage paisley shirt from Carlo Manzi



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